Chasing the Red Queen by Karen Glista

by Karen Glista
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="chasing the red queen"Chasing the Red Queen by Karen Glista

Donja Bellanger, suffering after the death of her father, finds herself in dire straits when her mom takes a new husband. Forced not only to move to a strange city, but to share a room with her glamorous, new stepsister, Makayla Hampton, her life spirals out of control.

Makayla lures her from goth to glam, straight into an exclusive club, not only for wealthy elites but Immortal Descendants. Donja crosses paths with Torin Mancini and he’s too damn handsome to be real.

Torin, who has concealed his identity as a powerful ancient sprit for eight hundred years, sets his eyes on Donja; there’s something about her blood, something he can’t walk away from. He’s not alone. A deadly predator has picked up her scent.

Stalked, she reaches out to Torin, but the lure of her blood has him on edge. As Torin battles his heart desires and feelings he thought buried and gone, one thing is clear: they have as much, if not more to fear of each other than the predator who would have her life.

Is love enough? Can she accept him for what he is and better yet, can he control his hungry, hungry eyes?

A beautiful love story with relentless action, elite battles and steamy moments… unforgettable!


After her father’s passing, seventeen-year-old, Donja Bellanger’s life spirals out of control and changes immensely. Along with her mother, brother, new stepfather and step sister, Donja moves to a new town called Sault Ste Marie Michigan. Donja copes with life the best she can with her goth appearance and emotional mind state. Wary at first, she soon connects on a deep level with her new glamorous step sister, Makayla, who has a completely different style than Donja. Makayla helps change Donja from goth to glam and they go to an exclusive club for the wealthy elites and the Immortal Descendants.

Donja meets Torin Mancini, an especially handsome detective who has been brought on the case involving unsolved murders of Chippewa women. Torin is a powerful ancient spirit and an 800-year-old immortal descendent. Donja is magnetically pulled towards Torin.

Torin finds himself, not only completely attracted, to Donja, but also protecting her from a deadly scheme to take her life as well. For she is from the ancient bloodline of the Chippewa tribe as well.

Will Donja be able to accept Torin for who he is? And will Torin be able to control his unrelenting desire for Donja..

An engaging, ravishing love story, superior battles and mysterious characters and plot.

Chasing the Red Queen by Karen Glista is an engrossing story that is about the bad luck that happens to a young woman and her family. With the unsolved murders involving Chippewa women, author Karen Glista gives readers a history lesson into the ancient bloodline. Donja, being of that same bloodline, is what attracts the killers that want to take her life. I found this to be a very interesting and engaging part of the storyline. It is obviously well researched and definitely well written.

I loved Chasing the Red Queen. The whole book is fabulous from beginning to the satisfying conclusion.

It is a paranormal fantasy with vampires and immortals. I found it to be different, in a very good way, from most vampire books.

Karen Glista has constructed a creative plot with interesting fully fleshed out characters. The characters are woven into the plot with grace and precision.

There is a lot going on in this story, from murder to vampires to teenage angst. I couldn’t put the book down and kept turning the pages quickly to see what would happen next.

Readers, young and older, will love this story. The characters are well developed and multidimensional.

I really loved the dialog between the characters, especially between Donja and Torin.

Chasing the Red Queen is a beautiful love story filled with action, romance, murder and good and bad vampires.

Karen Glista is an excellent writer with words that flow off the page. She has created a real page turner that readers will marvel in. It’s one of the best books in its genre that I have read in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend it to all vampire and paranormal loving readers that want something of a different flavor to this genre.

Praise for Karen Glista’s – Chasing the Red Queen

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