Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae – Book Review

by Rosanna Rae
Genres: Contemporary, Drama, Romance

Alt="hazel's home"Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae

Meeting Blake Hennessey in New York changes Hazel Munro’s life forever. He is the charismatic, sophisticated boss of the advertising company she works for. She is immediately smitten and is astonished when she realizes he feels the same way! His friend Zac thinks she is a blatant gold-digger, but when Blake proposes to her, there is a much bigger bone of contention – where the two of them will live. Hazel’s home is in Scotland and she has no intention of moving to Manhattan.

Sparks fly when Hazel realizes exactly what Blake’s “compromise” is on this issue and the future doesn’t look quite so rosy for either of them. A personal shock forces Hazel to deal with a life-changing situation, which alters her point of view. Meanwhile, however, Blake has developed a major problem of his own. He is heading alone down a long, dark tunnel. Can Hazel reach him in time to avert disaster and save him from himself?


Hazel Munro is summoned to New York for business. Afraid of flying, she boards a flight from her home country of Scotland, headed to the United States. She is unsure of why the owner of the Hennessey Company wants to have a personal meeting with her. She has worked for Hennessey advertising agency as a copywriter for five years. But when she does meet with him, he assures her that her work for the company thus far has been exemplary and he wants her to make a presentation to the cosmetic company that they are working to obtain as a client. What she doesn’t expect is to find Blake Hennessey to be a handsome, charismatic gentleman, and she feels an immediate attraction towards him. Hazel is astonished to find that Blake feels the same attraction for her. Sparks fly and after a several dates, they are both sure they are in love. They want to get married.

However, Blake’s best friend, Zac, objects at first, to their relationship. He thinks that Hazel is a gold digger and only in it for the benefit of financial gain.

There is also a bigger problem. Where the couple will actually live is the question. Hazel refuses to leave Scotland and Blake refuses to leave New York. Blake promises that they will work it out. But the solution he comes up with in the end, is not what Hazel was expecting. In the meantime Hazel has a life changing occurrence which changes her whole perspective on her life. Then Blake goes through a tragedy himself and ends up spiraling downward into despair. Will this couple work it out and be together forever despite their complications and difficulties?

Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae is an engaging, contemporary emotional read. It is a romantic fiction filled with drama and complex relationship issues. It is a fabulous story that touches on the many issues pertaining to couples and their ups and downs. There is plenty of love, romance and sex always looming in the air. It even touches on the issues of abuse and illness.

Hazel’s Home is realistic in many important ways. Readers will definitely relate to this engrossing love story. It is captivating, absorbing and unputdownable. I read it through in a couple of days, turning the pages quickly, anxiously wanting to find out if Hazel and Blake will end up together and where they will live. There are some surprises along the way which held my interest thoroughly.

Although it deals with the complexities of relationships, it has plenty of fun, humor and good entertaining moments. The romance is thrilling and exciting.

Rosanna Rae has composed a well written story. She introduces different couples with their relationship issues in various chapters. The characters are all well developed and all hold an important place in the plot. The main characters are especially well fleshed out with likable amusing personalities. Hazel is a complex character with strengths and weaknesses that readers will relate to in many ways.

I was very impressed with the descriptions of everything from the food to the clothes to the scenery. A true delight for the imaginary senses. Rosanna Rae illustrates it skillfully and admirably.

The storyline is unique and creative. I loved Hazel’s Home. It held my attention and kept me thoroughly engaged throughout the entire story. I especially loved the ending, it is was very satisfying and conclusive. I’m looking forward to reading more by Rosanna Rae, She is an exceptional writer with a lot of talent.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae

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