Saint Harry – A Short Story by Maura Beth Brennan

by Maura Beth Brennan
Genres: Chick Lit, Humorous, Short Story
Format: Kindle

Alt="saint harry"Saint Harry – A Short Story by Maura Beth Brennan

Angie’s widowed Aunt Ida decides to embark on a career talking to the spirits, and use her powers to help her family and friends. Angie worries that something crazy might happen. And it does.


Angie has moved back home with her mother after a break up with her boyfriend. One day they find out from their Aunt Ida that Uncle Harry, Aunt Ida’s husband, has passed away. Aunt Ida is beside herself with grief and begins declaring what a Saint her Harry was. Aunt Ida always put Uncle Harry down and made his life hell. While Uncle Harry was the favorite uncle in the family, Aunt Ida, in turn, was a sour puss, and the least favorite in the family. Uncle Harry was a magnificent Uncle, He was sweet and generous, the opposite of Aunt Ida. Aunt Ida begins calling Harry, “Saint Harry.” She starts speaking well of him now that he’s dead. She declares that he was such a good and kind man and just a Saint. She even takes to praying to him and asking him to show her a sign.

One day Aunt Ida announces that she is going to visit Miss Maeve the local medium and spiritualist. This troubles Angie very much and she wants to talk Aunt Ida out of going. But instead, she accompanies her to the Miss Maeve’s house. After her visit with Miss Maeve, she says that she talked to Uncle Harry and that she has powers too. The medium then turns to Angie and tells her that good things are coming to her. What will happen next? Will good things come to Angie?

Saint Harry is a witty, laugh out loud, short story by Maura Beth Brennan. It is full of humorous antics and anecdotes. The storyline and plot are fully developed and well thought out. From the very first page, I was hooked and it kept me hooked throughout the entire story. Maura Beth Brennan has a knack for writing short stories that are full and fun and very entertaining. She packs a lot of cleverness and ingenuity into one quick read. I fully enjoy her stories and this one, Saint Harry, did not let me down.

Maura Beth Brennan has a way with words that makes them flow right off the page. The plots are always fulfilling with excellent endings. Saint Harry is right up there with some of the best chick lit reads. The characters are well developed and multifaceted. Once again, Maura Beth Brennan, packs a lot of personality and temperament into her characters, in one short story. I love the funny people that are in her tales. They make me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Saint Harry is one of those stories that leaves you smiling and uplifted. It is charming and enchanting.  The descriptions of the setting, the people and the objects are vivid and complete, so as to make the reader feel as if they are there watching on as the story unfolds. There are little twists here and there making it unpredictable. It is satisfying and complete with a great happy ending. One must read Saint Harry by Maura Beth Brennan.

Maura Beth Brennan is the author of the outstanding, mysterious, 5 star novel, “The Edge of Memory,” and the short stories “The Ex Chronicles,” and “Saint Harry.” We are looking forward to more books by this exceptional writer, Maura Beth Brennan.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends the sweet short story, Saint Harry by Maura Beth Brennan

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