The Burning by S.O. Esposito – Book Review

by S.O. Esposito
Genres: Mystery, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the burning"The Burning by S.O. Esposito


“I just finished the most compelling book I’ve ever read! The Burning is so amazing, riveting, spellbinding engrossing novel that every woman should read & take to heart!!” -Bonnie O.

Alice Leininger seems to have the perfect life. She’s happily married, has two beautiful children, a close knit group of friends, and a cause she cares deeply about. But beneath the surface, her world of safety and comfort is unraveling. The periods of lost time she’s kept secret—even from her husband—are happening more frequently. She certainly doesn’t remember leaving her Sarasota home at three-thirty in the morning to burn someone alive. Now she sits in a Florida state mental institution, awaiting judgement on whether she’s fit to stand trial on charges of murder and arson. While a psychologist works to help Alice face her past, her future depends on the answer to one question: How far did she go for justice?

*This book is recommended for mature audiences. While there are no scenes of graphic or explicit violence, it does touch on themes of trafficking and assault.


Alice Leininger is a thirty year old mother of two and she’s in deep,  deep trouble. She is sitting in the forensic wing of Bayside Psychiatric Hospital, with huge gaps in her memory. She has been committed in order for the court to determine if she is fit to stand trial for murder and arson. She has suffered from blackouts for as long as she can remember. Her friends notice that she leaves them without saying goodbye. She often goes to bed and wakes up at some unknown place. She seeks help from a psychologist.

She lives in a five million dollar condo in Sarasota, Florida, on a twenty-two acre peninsula called Golden Gate Point. She has a cause that she believes in, helping women beat drug addiction and prostitution. Her husband, Jake’s, business partner, Oliver Brooks, is making sexual advances towards Alice and even tries to blackmail her. With the frequent blackouts, Alice certainly does not remember leaving her house to burn someone alive. Did she actually do it in the name of justice?

The Burning is a riveting compelling novel that touches on the subjects of dissociative identity disorder , sexual assault, prostitution and drug addiction. It’s a thought-provoking murder mystery with an interesting plot and twist.

It is so gripping, absorbing and different with an original storyline. Its premise is unique and unlike anything I have ever read. It is fast paced, engaging and suspenseful. So suspenseful that I found myself holding my breath at different times while reading it. It is a psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Author S.O. Esposito keeps the reader guessing and wondering if Alice is a victim or a criminal. It is filled with mystery and intrigue. The author did a fabulous job of portraying the character, Alice’s, personality transformations. I was thoroughly engrossed in her character’s personality changes. It was so interesting and really intriguing. I couldn’t put the book down and read into the late hours of the night. It is a real page turner. I can’t speak highly enough about it. It is written and composed very well, with no grammatical errors which made for a nice read.

The Burning is a must read novel. It is the best mystery-suspense that I have ever read. It’s that good. The ending was superb and I didn’t see it coming. It was a real surprise, satisfying and complete.

S.O. Esposito is a fabulous competent writer and I am earnestly looking forward to more books written by her.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this must read novel, The Burning by S.O. Esposito

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