Welcome to the Madhouse by S.E. Sasaki

by S.E. Sasaki
Genres: Fantasy, Humorous, Science Fiction
Format: Hard Cover, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="welcome to the madhouse"Welcome to the Madhouse by S.E. Sasaki

Doctor Grace Lord, a lieutenant in the Conglomerate Medical Corps, has come to the medical space station, the Nelson Mandela, as the new surgical fellow under the renowned Doctor Hiro Al-Fadi. Though she earned her commission as a combat surgeon in the field, she is unprepared for the scope and pace of what awaits her in the Conglomerate’s Premier Medical Space Station. The countless cryopods that come into the Nelson Mandela are filled with the casualties of the Conglomerate’s animal-adapted military forces. Traumatically injured and disfigured in campaigns spread across the galaxy, it is up to the staff of the Nelson Mandela to patch up the wounded combat soldiers for redeployment. For Grace, it is a trial by fire, as she familiarizes herself not only with the routines and protocols of life on the Nelson Mandela, but also with the eclectic community of professionals with whom she works – not the least of which is an android that has taken an almost human interest in her. When disaster strikes the space station, the Nelson Mandela must race against time to stave off annihilation, and it becomes clear that, regardless of the outcome, nothing will never be the same again.


Welcome to the Madhouse by S.E. Sasaki is an aptly suitable title for this fantastic science fiction read. I was attracted to the title, and the story did not disappoint. It is a medical, science fiction, fantasy, romance novel that readers will marvel in. In it we have Dr. Grace Lord, a newly appointed doctor on a space station medical facility named the Nelson Mandela, which is an AI, having artificial intelligence. The Nelson Mandela is a medical station that treats wounded and emergency combat patients after they have been in battle throughout the galaxy.

But these aren’t ordinary patients, they are soldiers who have been genetically modified with animal augmentations and they are returning from throughout the Union of Solar Systems for physical and mental surgery and convalescence.

Upon first arriving to the Nelson Mandela, Grace is brutally attacked by an escaped patient that is on drugs, and she survives. She quickly determines that this assignment will be challenging. Soon she meets SAM-E 777, an assistant surgical operating android, or more commonly known as Bud. Bud has emotions and immediately is stricken with Grace and falls in love.

What ensues is an exciting adventure and look into the emergency and surgical rooms and procedures aboard the The Nelson Mandela medical station. It has some hilarious moments, as the surgeons are funny while operating on their subjects. I found Welcome to the Madhouse to be one of the most interesting, thought-provoking and definitely humorous science fiction novels that I have ever read. There is a lot going on in this story and S.E. Sasaki tells it well.

There are a lot of questions raised throughout the storyline. Things like, what it means to be human and questions about immortality. The vast amount of medical and technical knowledge put into this novel astounded me. I love it when I read a well written story that is smart and delves into subjects that I know nothing about. But, the author S.E. Sasaki has given this reader much interesting information to think on. She writes what she knows about and that’s the best kind of writing.

In Welcome to the Madhouse we have all sorts of entertaining characters. They are well developed and likable except for one villain that readers will hate. They are somewhat quirky and very funny.

As for the character, Bud, Sasaki gives us humor with his neuroticism. He is my favorite character. His side-splitting communications with the ship’s AI kept me laughing and I think I enjoyed that banter the most.

Readers will tune in to the original and captivating storyline and plot, which revolves around the warring and battling animal-hybrid patients and the surgeons and medical assistants that repair them. The characters are extremely well thought out and reveal the proper deficiencies that we would anticipate to see in a spacecraft full of injured patients and pandemonium. That’s why the title, Welcome to the Madhouse,” is so appropriate.

This story captivated me and sucked me right in and wouldn’t let go. I read in fast, turning the pages quickly. It is hilarious, interesting, entertaining and full of informative knowledge.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this romantic science fiction, thriller, Welcome to the Madhouse by S.E. Sasaki

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