Fall into You – Liz Loughlin – Book Review

by Liz Loughlin
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="fall into you"Fall into You by Liz Loughlin


Shea Finnegan always played it safe. Khali Reza made her break all of her own rules.

She was a Catholic lawyer and the daughter of a prominent U.S Senator, who grew up cautious and hyper-aware of public appearances. He was a Pakistani Muslim businessman on a one year visa in New York. It was only supposed to be a fling, but when you fall, gravity has a way of taking over.

When Khali must return to Pakistan they agree to make a clean break, and an opportunistic politician swoops in to make his move on Shea. Marco Gutierrez appears to be a perfect fit, but appearances can be deceiving and dangerous.

Travelling through New York, Karachi, and London, Fall into You is a compelling story of overcoming differences, finding your strength, and the healing power of love.


Shea Finnegan was a New York attorney and Catholic with a cautious take on life. She is the daughter of a prominent U.S. Senator and believes that public appearances are of utmost importance. She lives by a firm set of rules. Until, that is, she meets Khali, a Pakistani Muslim businessmen who is staying in New York on a one year visa.

When it’s time for Kahli to move back to Pakistan, they decide to break it off and go their separate ways. But right away, the seemingly perfect, Marco Gutierrez, makes his move on Shea. But Marco is far from what he seems. What ensues is a love story that finds its way through cultural and human differences, time and distance, self-discovery and how love can be a gift of healing.

Fall into You is an extremely well written love story filled with passion, hardship and triumph. It is a beautiful story about one couple’s attempts and success at love amidst the divide of culture, time, distance and affliction. Shea and Khali’s relationship is strained due to these elements. Will they succeed in overcoming these many obstacles? One must read this highly absorbing book to find out.

Set in New York, Pakistan and London, author Liz Loughlin writes a lush and descriptive narrative that is filled with raw emotion and excitement. The settings and people are so rich, defined and composed that one would think they are there looking on as the story unfolds. I found myself laughing and crying, as this story really gripped my soul.

This is a passionate compelling love story with so much more going on. Readers will get caught up and find themselves rooting for Shea and Kahli throughout the entire story.

In Fall into You, there are many twists and turns, keeping readers engaged and hoping for a happy ending. I was completely engrossed and couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. It is a real page turner filled with everything a reader hopes for in a fabulous love story. As the main characters strive to overcome their differences, distance and the time space between them, I was feeling the passion and romance of this heartfelt novel. There are some sexy parts that are written with class and they add to the fun and attentiveness of this book.

Fall into You is about love, politics, religion, issues of prejudice and the ties and support of a tight loving and fun family unit.

The character development is superb. I could relate to the characters and found myself invested in their lives and love story. I was thoroughly captivated by the entire storyline and plot. It is well written with an original voice and narrative. It’s a unique take on love between cultural differences. I loved it and I am looking forward to more books written by this exceptional writer Liz Loughlin.

I highly recommend Fall into You to all readers that love romance, cultural and societal issues, along with a captivating storyline and plot. Don’t miss this fascinating novel Fall into You by Liz Loughlin

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  1. I laughed, cried, gasped, and cheered as I read “Fall Into You”. In the end, it was I who fell in love with the book and the author’s ingenuity! I was expecting a light, formulaic love story…and “Fall Into You” starts off as such. But “Fall Into You” reveals how a simple crush can turn into a woven blanket of love and how checking off you “Perfect Mate” list isn’t all that it seems. Love! Oh, that complex emotion—verb, noun, adjective, idea, concept! Liz Loughlin explores how people love each other, the beauty of love, and the horror!

    In the end, this is a tale about female strength as much as it is about love.

    I can’t wait to see what Ms. Loughlin writes next!!