Imperfect Memories – Jody Wenner – Book Review

Genres: Contemporary, psychological twist, women's fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="imperfect memories"Imperfect Memories (The Temporal Shift Series Book 1) by Jody Wenner

After losing her husband and daughter in an all-too-common act of senseless terror, Nina Rogers thinks she might also be losing her mind. Is she slipping because of the tragedy, or is her memory actually failing her? Is she experiencing the same thing her mother did, or is this something different? It might be easy to figure out in a normal person, but Nina is anything but normal. She has hyperthymesia: the ability to recall every minute of every day of her life.

As the days go on, she sinks even deeper into madness and knows that she needs to find some answers to what is happening to her before it’s too late. Tragically, the one person who may be able to help is also the man who killed her family.


Nina is with her husband and daughter at a local coffee shop when a bomb explodes killing her husband and daughter. A horrible act of terror changes Nina’s life forever by the tragedy. The perpetrator is caught and sent to prison. Now Nina thinks she is losing her mind. There are gaps in her memory and this is not normal for Nina. Nina has an uncommon condition called hyperthymesia. Which is a neurological disorder which leads people to be able to remember much more than the average person. People with hyperthymesia remember an abnormally vast number of their life experiences. Nina is unable to cope and accept the tragedy.

Nina begins to have nightmares, has difficulty sleeping, and has gaps in her memory. As the days pass, Nina becomes more and more unraveled and sinks into despair and madness. Unable to trust anyone, including herself, and in order to obtain answers, Nina must confront the man that killed her husband and daughter because he must have answers and he has hyperthymesia too.

Imperfect Memories is an interesting and unusual story written by an excellent writer, Jody Wenner. The premise is original and I found myself being caught up in the entire storyline. With the unique take on the uncommon mental disorder, hyperthymesia, I was keenly interested in where the story would take me and I wasn’t disappointed. I love books with psychological twists to them. The plot is well developed and follows through with a great story that takes readers on a journey unexpected.

The characters are great and well developed with unique personalities and characteristics. The dialog is perfect and their interactions are interesting and stimulating. I came to care about the main character, Nina, as she struggles in her mind with her memory and enters into a state of chaos and confusion. This makes for a very captivating story and I was completely fascinated by it. There are some twists that kept me engrossed in the storyline. It’s definitely thought-provoking and totally worth the read. It’s a unique and original story with a take on mental disorders, dementia and hyperthymesia.

Imperfect Memories is full of emotion and revelations. I was fully caught up in Nina’s story and struggles.  It is so different in its plot and premise that I couldn’t put it down. The ending is satisfying and left open for the next installment which I am looking forward to.

The descriptive writing is wonderful and very engaging. It is written with a unique voice and it seems to be thoroughly researched, as far as the mental disorders are concerned. I reveled in Imperfect Memories and I highly recommend it to all readers and especially those that are looking for something different and interesting. For it is highly thought-provoking and diverting from the norm.

Praise for Imperfect Memories (The Temporal Shift Series Book One) by Jody Wenner.

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