Painting Blue Water by Leigh Fossan – Book Review

by Leigh Fossan
Genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="painting blue water"Painting Blue Water by Leigh Fossan

Katherine Ross, a struggling artist-turned-successful-businesswoman, has a life many would envy. At only thirty-one years old, Katherine runs one of the top luxury real-estate firms in Manhattan, and she lives in a fabulous loft with her dreamy husband. That is, of course, until her marriage comes to a screeching halt, forcing Katherine to face the truths she’s been burying deep within her heart. She hasn’t been happy for a long time. And her life, while glamorous, is not the life she ever wanted. Fighting through the fog of her confusion and pain, Katherine makes the daring, or possibly insane, choice to start over somewhere new. She leaves her business, her friends, and the city behind, while she ventures alone to the mountains in hopes of rediscovering her artistic roots in a place surrounded by beauty, peace, and quiet. In the quaint town of Bluewater Lake, Katherine finds just what she is looking for—abundant natural beauty, almost too much quiet, and a collection of colorful locals.

As she adapts to the slow pace of small town life, Katherine befriends the remarkable inn proprietor, Mr. Trust, and his granddaughter Ginger, a former starlet and scandal-ridden Manhattan socialite. Katherine even begins to build an exciting, albeit rocky, relationship with the ruggedly handsome, yet mysterious and standoffish, Will. And with time, Katherine discovers her passion for painting once again. But life in Bluewater isn’t as simple as it may seem, and when her art career suddenly begins to take off in this unlikely setting, Katherine finds herself torn between two worlds. Does she pursue her lifelong dream and become the world-famous artist she always wanted to be? Or does she open her heart to the possibility of new dreams and a life she never imagined?


Katherine Ross is a successful business woman working for an upscale Manhattan real estate firm. She has a life that many would think is ideal. But, when her husband files for divorce, Katherine realizes that she’s been unhappy for a long time. Needing a change of scene and a chance at the life she’s always dreamed of, she moves to the small town of Bluewater Lake, Colorado. It’s there that Katherine begins to live the life she always desired. Along with living in a beautiful idyllic place, she meets new people that bring meaning and support to her life. She is inspired and begins to paint again, something that she has always loved, but set aside due to her husband. It’s in Bluewater Lake where Katherine finds the peace, beauty and joy she has always dreamed of. But things get complicated and Katherine has some tough choices to make.

Painting Blue Water is one of the most beautiful, captivating novels that I have read in a long time. Leigh Fossan has composed a tapestry filled with colorful vivid scenery, visual and sensory delights and a story that delves deep into the soul.  If there were ever a book that made me feel like I was there watching on, feeling and sensing everything that the characters are, it’s Leigh Fossan’s Painting Blue Water. It is harmonious, picturesque and fun to read. Filled with descriptive writing that takes readers on a journey to a tranquil, beautiful place, it captivates with a fabulous story that is relatable and realistic. It reads like an artistic painting, with the color filled words flowing off the page.

Painting Blue Water is about life, loss, love, friendship and new beginnings.  It is about one woman finally finding her life path and awakening to her true self. It is inspirational and had me thinking about the possibilities of my own life.

The characters are quirky and fabulous. They too, are colorful and rich. They are well developed and lovable. I came to care about them, and was fully engaged in their lives. Their personalities sparkled throughout the pages.

The storyline and plot is wonderful. It is thought provoking, realistic and rich. It is like watching a movie. The ending is perfect and I was fully satisfied. Leigh Fossan has a way with words that are so lavish and full of description it will keep readers wanting more and more. All my senses were fully engaged as I read this one of a kind novel.

This is Leigh Fossan’s debut novel. One would never guess that. I am eagerly looking forward to reading more wonderful novels written by this excellent writer. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Painting Blue Water to all readers that need a fresh escape. And who want to visit a place that is filled with color, sounds, tastes and exciting characters, while being fascinated by a great story that will satisfy the soul.

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