The Self Repair Toolkit by Deborah Small – Book Review

by Deborah Small
Genres: Nonfiction, Self Help
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the self repair toolkit"The Self Repair Toolkit: Journey Towards Self-Empowerment by Deborah Small

The Self Repair Toolkit comprises an overall process, including analysis exercises, the application of specific tools to each component of the process, and an evaluation of the results. It’s a remarkably easy process to follow. The tools are readily understandable and make total sense. The key ingredient to the process is your complete honesty with yourself. This process works right down to a molecular and sub-atomic level. Your honesty removes the cellular ‘muscle-memory’ reactiveness imbedded in each of us that holds you back through involuntary repeated pattern behaviors, which can keep you trapped in your problems and misery.


Inspiring, Empowering and Life Changing

Deborah Small’s The Self Repair Toolkit: Journey Towards Self-Empowerment is a refreshing break through process and self-help book that uses twelve tools to create permanent change within a person. This book is easy to understand, and simple to follow the powerful steps as the reader goes through each one.

The author stresses that honesty about one’s self is one of the keys to break through. Deborah Small is  highly educated and an experienced Integrative Reprogramming Technique (IRT) Specialist. IRT is a science based self-treatment methodology that gives you simple tools to create permanent change.

Some of the things that the author has the reader examine include, but are not limited to, self-analysis, belief systems, triggers identification, and visioning techniques. As I read through and applied the techniques, I found myself becoming more aware of my thoughts and changing my beliefs which brought a sense of calmness while giving me energy. The entire process, using the twelve tools, really helped me to feel empowered to take responsibility to create my best life possible.

The Self Repair Toolkit: Journey Towards Self-Empowerment helps with relationships, depression, anxiety and more. It is written very well and intelligent, yet simple to understand and implement.

It may bring up emotions that need to be dealt with and experienced. The journey to self-love and acceptance brings inner peace and calmness.

I believe we all can benefit from The Self Repair Toolkit by Deborah Small. It is a short, fast read, but the steps will take contemplation and commitment to the process for it to work. I’m going to use it often and keep in nearby for reference. It is an excellent self-help book that all readers should invest in. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends.

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  1. This is really one author who walks the walk. She wrote this to get the message out there, she truly believes we can all help ourselves given just a helping hand such as you will find in this book.