DUMBER THAN A BOX OF HAIR by Peggy Maher-Daniels – Book Review

by Peggy Maher-Daniels
Genres: Humorous, Nonfiction, Satire, True Story
Format: Hard Cover, Kindle

Alt="dumber than a box of hair"DUMBER THAN A BOX OF HAIR: THE HR NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES SEQUEL 1 by Peggy Maher-Daniels

Take a journey with me from the HR stone age of the 1980’s and experience the most entertaining view of the American work force over the past 30 years through my eyes and ears.  Meet the train wrecks of employees who push the limits of absurdity and wonder why they lose their jobs.  I’m just getting started.  There is some much more yet to come.


A whirlwind of stories in the workplace told by Peggy herself shows how unhinged the HR business can actually be. This unfiltered collection of short stories packs a punch as we listen to encounters of crazed and mindless employees that just never seem to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed these characters and pondered along with the author as to what the heck WERE they thinking?! From the hungover twenty something showing up to work reeking of booze, unable to perform his job, to the beaming woman receiving lavish gifts from her husband at her desk while other female coworkers watch in green eyed envy-the stories keep coming.

In Dumber than a Box of Hair,  Peggy Maher-Daniels opens up an insightful look of what and what not to do on the job through the eyes of a seasoned professional. How dumb can one employee be? You’d be surprised! With silly to extravagant to just plain stupid excuses, employees will say just about anything to justify bad behavior when in reality they “just weren’t thinking” usually costing them their jobs, which is where Daniels job got tough, but she always did everything she could to help the employee in the process.

DUMBER THAN A BOX OF HAIR is a must read for everyone in the HR profession wishing to advance their knowledge. Peggy Maher-Daniels gives crucial career tips and words of advice based upon her personal experiences and surroundings. Witty and even comical at times, DUMBER THAN A BOX OF HAIR shined light on many issues that could be encountered in the HR office and give insight on how to avoid them. Upbeat and always informative, the author’s diverse abilities show skill and finesse as she touches on the personal dynamics of forming relationships in the workplace and the detrimental outcome. I highly recommend DUMBER THAN A BOX OF HAIR, the unofficial HR handbook, to all levels of the work field. Clear, well written and straight to the point, this matter-of-fact collection of stories was worth the read. Can’t wait for the next one!

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Cafe

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