The English Heart by Helena Halme – Book Review

by Helena Halme
Genres: Cultural, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the english heart"The English Heart by Helena Halme


She has her life planned out. He lets the wind guide his sails. As the Cold War heats up, can they keep love alive on either side of the iron curtain?

Finland, 1980. Kaisa has never been a risk taker. After graduation, she plans to marry the dependable older man who paid for her classes and kept a roof over her head. But when she accepts an invitation to a party at the British Embassy, a handsome naval officer makes her want to throw caution to the wind. She surprises herself when they share a passionate kiss under the stars and promise to see each other again. But how could she possibly give up her sure-thing relationship for a man she barely knows?

When Peter Williams pictured his future, he saw a rising in the ranks and an endless trip around the world. Though when he meets the strong-willed Kaisa in Helsinki, his passion for the sea takes a serious turn. Not even the excitement of hunting down Russian submarines can compare to the thrill of his lips on hers. But despite his growing feelings, his commanding officers won’t tolerate him pursuing a woman from a Soviet-friendly nation.

Both torn between impossible choices, Kaisa and Peter must search their souls for the right answer. With the Cold War heating up between them, can two star-crossed lovers find their courage or will their relationship sink on the high seas?

The English Heart is a breathtaking contemporary women’s fiction novel with an undercurrent of romance. If you like vivid historical details, star-crossed chemistry, and complex characters, then you’ll love Helena Halme’s tale of a Cold War romance.

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The English Heart by Helena Halme is a fabulous romantic story that will leave readers wanting more. In it we have two very different people who meet and fall for each after a sweet intense kiss. They meet at a party at the British Embassy. Kaisa is a Finnish student, and Peter an English Naval officer. Kaisa is engaged to be married to an older man whom paid for her schooling and kept a roof over her head. But, now everything takes a turn for Kaisa, as she falls in love with Peter. But things are very complicated for this couple. Will their love survive the major differences they obviously have with one another? Not to mention the fact that Peter’s commanding officers won’t let him pursue a relationship with a woman from Soviet friendly nation. And with a long distance relationship, will they be able to maintain their love? Times were very different back in the 80’s.

I loved The English Heart by Helena Halme and couldn’t put it down. I was drawn in from the very first chapter and remained engrossed to the very last satisfying page. The rich detailing of the cultural differences between the couple captivated me and kept me fully engaged throughout the entire story. This book is filled with historic and cultural details and I learned a lot from reading The English Heart.

The characters are very relatable even though they are from different countries and cultures than my own. They have unique personalities with strengths and weaknesses that are definable and interesting. They are very well developed and fleshed out. I thoroughly enjoyed Kaisa’s character as she grows, evolves and has to overcome the many obstacles to be with Peter.

Helena Halme has captured the spirit of romantic love in The English Heart. She touches on family relationships and friendships in a very detailed manner that many readers will feel and relate to. I found this story to be an easy read, yet rich in detail and full of emotion. It embodies the meaning of true love and carries the reader through a complicated situation in which these two lovers strive to be together.

I enjoyed the descriptions of the scenery, food and cultures. The cultural differences highly intrigued me as Kaisa and Peter learn about one another. Their long distance relationship is difficult and readers will be rooting for them along the way.

Helena Halme has composed an entertaining, believable story with excellent character development and with distinct perception among cross cultural problems. Delightful prose, intertwined with pleasurable activity, will hold the reader’s attention and keep them absorbed from start to finish.

Helena Halme is an excellent writer and has definitely made a fan out of me. I will be reading more of her breathtaking books soon. This book also has an element of suspense that I enjoyed immensely. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends The English Heart to all readers. It will captivate your heart.

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