Mermaids are Real – Bo Wu – Book Review

by Bo Wu
Genres: Fantasy, Mermaids, Young Adult
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="mermaids are real"Mermaids are Real by Bo Wu


Crabs talk?’ asked Benji.

‘Everything in nature speaks. Not everything in nature listens,’ said Octavius nodding Topside.”

Benji Fisher has spent the first twelve years of his life growing up in a small fishing town, Topside. He’s gotten used to the gang of dolphins who follow him on his surfboard and the voices he hears under the water; odd things that have, in their repetition, become part of normal everyday life.

However, none of that prepares him for the recruitment speech he gets from an octopus named Octavius and three of the dolphins the night before his thirteenth birthday.

What would you do if your ‘calling’ in life required you to take a leap/dive of faith? Would you take the plunge?


Magnificent, mesmerizing and delightful!

In Mermaids are Real, Bo Wu has crafted an unbelievable world filled with delightful colorful characters, vivid sea creatures, beautiful coral reefs and plant life. The story follows, Benji Fisher, a twelve year old boy that has lived by the sea his entire life. While out on his surfboard he can hear nature speaking to him. Then it becomes literal, and Benji finds himself talking to an octopus and three dolphins on the eve of his thirteenth birthday. Benji soon finds out, that he is actually a merman and he has a very important assignment in his young life. He is to wield the Mystic Prong. He is now a Mystiquarien, and he has powers. Will Benji jump in with both feet and become a part of this magic and majestic underwater world? One must buy this incredible book to find out about Benji and to become immersed in a fantasy world filled with wonder.

Mermaids are Real had me turning the pages fast and furious. I literally could not put this book down and was fully engaged from the very beginning to the impressive and satisfy conclusion.

The world building in Mermaids are Real is fabulous. The descriptive writing of the colorful fish, eels, whales, sharks, coral reefs, plant life and the mermaids themselves, is amazing. Their home is a mesmerizing, beautiful dwelling and Benji has an adventure in this splendid underwater dream world and becomes a part of their traditions and culture.

Bo Wu, with his original evocative words, has created a magical place filled with wonder, danger and mythology. This fantastic fantasy story has unexpected twists and turns, and a villain that takes the reader for an exciting ride.

The characters are described with detail and creativity. They are fully developed drawing the reader into their world and difficulties. I couldn’t help but to connect with them and feel their emotions.

There is an important intense message spoken throughout this book. Humans are destroying the ocean – that is the message.
I think that the way Bo Wu introduced and integrated that message within the storyline is brilliant. He is a creative writer with a unique expressive style that is extraordinary and stimulating.

The ending is wrapped up tight and is very satisfying. I loved it. Mermaids are Real is truly a work of art. It is a young adult fantasy book that is great for younger and older readers. I would love to see this one made into a movie, and I rarely say that about a book.

Chick Lit Café highly recommends Mermaids are Real to all fantasy and mythology lovers out there.

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