The Side Job – Don Lubov – Book Review

by Don Lubov
Genres: Chick Lit, Crime, Dark & Gritty
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the side job"The Side Job by Don Lubov


This is the story of Maggie Gomez — an unwed, unskilled mother of a sickly daughter. She lives a hardscrabble life on the underside of Las Vegas. As her daughter’s health deteriorates, Maggie’s need for money for an operation skyrockets. Maggie was vulnerable and defeated early in life. Her long-suppressed strength blossoms and Maggie becomes “La Femme Nikita”. As Maggie gets more involved with her loan shark boss and his crew, her world begins to spiral out of control. Her simultaneous involvement with a gangster and the detective investigating him turns her life into a soap opera of emotions. She must figure out how to escape her underworld life, protect her daughter, and live happily ever after.


Gritty, rich and captivating!

The Side Job by Don Lubov follows Maggie Gomez, a young mother who is trying to save the life of her daughter. She is powerless, weak, impoverished and desperate for money. She ends up becoming involved with a loan shark, who becomes her boss. Things quickly get out of control and Maggie is in over her head. She is personally involved with the detective that is investigating the gangster who she is also involved with. Things are complicated and Maggie’s life is an emotional rollercoaster. Will she rise above her complex problems and figure out a way to free herself and keep her relationship while saving her young daughter’s life? You must buy this extraordinary book to find out.

The Side Job is an interesting, captivating, quick read that had me fully engaged from the very first chapter. It is an especially remarkable page-turner that readers won’t be able to put down.  As readers dive into the bottom and barren side of Las Vegas, they are thrust into a story that they will soon not forget. Maggie Gomez is poor and powerless and lives an unproductive, desolate life. She turns to crime to gain money and save her young daughter’s life. Over time, readers watch as she evolves and becomes a strong unbeatable woman. This is a fantastic story written with grit, rich with emotion and filled with passion. Readers will feel the desperation in this young mother’s life. Her love for her child is so strong and her despair so deep it caused me to totally relate to the things she did to save her six year old’s life.

I totally connected with the unimaginable characters in The Side Job. They are unusual and well developed and completely relatable to and real. The main character starts out as a weak, poor young mother, but eventually, she transforms into a strong and powerful woman. This story is written well, with the characters being fully fleshed out – they are real and human.

The descriptive writing really captured me and had me on the scene watching on with intensity as the story progressed. The Side Job takes readers on a trip to the dark side of life and keeps them there for the entire read. The smart dialogue between the characters is extremely impressive. Don Lubov is an intelligent, creative writer and his book, The Side Job, is a unique, original piece of fiction. Chick Lit Cafe fully recommends this book to all readers, and especially to those that like gritty smart reads.

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