Twisted But True – Darren Burch – Book Review

by Darren Burch
Genres: Dark Humor, True Crime
Format: Audio, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="twisted but true"Twisted But True by Darren Burch

Retired Sergeant Darren Burch takes you on a 30-year journey of dark, humorous and depraved cases from his experiences as a patrol officer, sex crimes detectives, and night detective in homicide, starting with his harrowing teenage encounter with a fatal car fire in Twisted Metal, followed by morbidly funny and outrageous stories, each more twisted than the last.


A gripping, horrifying and humorous must read book!

Twisted But True is a collection of twisted and humorous stories written by a veteran homicide sergeant. Darren Burch gives readers a peek into the life of a police officer’s daily encounters, good and bad. This well written, funny and dark, book is a must read work of real life incidents that are horrifying, yet sobering and humorous.

Darren Burch is a retired police officer of thirty years. He regales readers with a glimpse into the life of a law enforcement officer and what they go through on a daily basis. Each chapter is comprised of different real life stories and various scenarios and incidents that Darren Burch encountered while he was an officer in Phoenix, Arizona. Readers will be completely engaged and engrossed in this thought-provoking book.

Darren Burch and his tales of his real life encounters as a police officer had me laughing out loud and cringing in terror. He tells of the best most memorable moments in his life as an officer. I couldn’t put this true crime book down, it had me captivated from the very first chapter of Twisted But True. I was blown away at some of the weird, depraved and strange stories. I was fully entertained and really enjoyed reading this collection of stories. I want to read more and hope that Darren Burch will continue writing for us.

Filled with real life drama of things like mental illness, sex crimes and serial killers, Burch gives readers an up close look at the human condition. I was completely entertained by the surprises and twists around every corner. The crazy, horrible and stupid things that criminals do fascinates me. These stories are fabulous and even witty. I was so intrigued and captivated by this interesting and compelling book.

With a humble voice and a clear knack for humor, Darren Burch has seen it all. He writes with finesse, skillfulness and expertise. Through trials and tribulations, Burch, sometimes, uses dark humor to get through the day. He has served with commitment and dedication for thirty years and he is an inspiration to me. He holds nothing back in this book and shows readers his weaknesses and strengths in the face of danger and bizarre situations. I loved Twisted But True. It had me laughing, crying, grossed out and trembling. Two thumbs up for Darren Burch’s Twisted But True. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe.

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