The Christmas Heart: A Feel-Good Holiday Romance – Helena Halme

Genres: Christian, Romance, women's fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt-"The Christmas Heart"The Christmas Heart: A Feel-Good Holiday Romance by Helena Halme


Tall, dark and handsome, Tom is out to have some fun. Kaisa doesn’t think she’ll ever fall in love again. But when the two meet on the beautiful snow-capped Swedish Alps, sparks fly.

With his beloved mother passed, Tom leaves his ex in Milan and looks forward to an uncomplicated Christmas skiing in Sweden.

When her daughter announces she’s going backpacking to the Far East, Kaisa decides to take a rare winter break over the holidays with her best friend Tuuli. Meeting Tom in an apres-ski bar makes Kaisa’s heart beat a little faster, but she knows an affair with him will go nowhere. Years ago, they had a disastrous date, which neither of them wishes to revisit. Yet, as Tom showers Kaisa with his attentions, she cannot resist his intense eyes and passionate kisses.

Can Kaisa trust this European Casanova, and her own sudden infatuation?

The Christmas Heart is a seasonal story of grown-up love and the final book in the acclaimed Nordic Heart series, but can also be read as a stand-alone story.


Set in the breathtaking and pristine Swedish Alps, The Christmas Heart is a lovely romantic tale of nostalgic memories with friends and a much needed holiday getaway for Kaisa. What seems to be the perfect excuse to ski through Christmas at the fanciest of resorts, quickly becomes a trip down memory lane, specifically Kaisa’s college years. But one bad date with Tom does not diminish how handsomely he has aged after all these years and gives Kaisa a warm, tingling feeling every time she is in his presence. There’s no harm in a bit of flirtation for the wonderful festivities, she decides. And how can Kaisa resist, especially with the beauty that surrounds them, such a gorgeous backdrop, author Helena Halme paints for her characters to exist.

After a luxurious massage from a young and attractive young man something is awakened in Kaisa that prompts her determination and wonderment to explore her feelings for this man who she has known for so long, yet still appears to be such a mystery. The Christmas Heart is a sexy and provocative fling while remaining mature and sophisticated, making this romance story a ripened love affair that was enjoyable and fulfilling. Author Helena Halme’s characters are funny, yet cultivated and very likable. Tuuli, Kaisa’s travel buddy and longtime friend is always staying upbeat and positive.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Christmas Heart, relishing in the steamy encounters between Kaisa and Tom. Halme really knows how to draw in her readers with her descriptive writing and vivid scenery. I felt like I was transported into the story walking in a white utopia with a charming and dashing older man. Halme’s refreshing prose and writing style makes for an engaging satisfying read. The dialog between the characters is impressive and written very well. Humorous at times but also very heartfelt, it is the perfect holiday novel for this season. An absolute marvelous read that I would highly suggest for anyone looking to warm their heart and soul for the holidays.

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Café

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