The White Raven – Carrie D. Miller – Book Review

by Carrie D. Miller
Genres: Magical, Occult, Supernatural
Format: Audio Book, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the white raven"The White Raven by Carrie D. Miller


In her thirteenth life, Aven has settled into the now witchcraft-friendly Salem where she has found true happiness and friendship, maybe even love. Despite her contentment, the truth of Aven’s existence haunts her. When she dies, her Spirit is forced from the Veil to live again in the body of a stranger.

Does the elusive white raven, who has shadowed Aven through each of her lives, hold the secret to her release–or is it the cause?

To make matters worse, an unrelenting, twisted evil lurks closely behind her. Sustained by his hatred of the witch, he won’t give up until she’s paid for what she did to him.

When the truth of Aven’s connection to the white raven is revealed, it is more horrifying than she could ever have imagined.

Her freedom will come at a terrible price. And even then, will she truly be free?


A magical, mysterious and suspenseful tale that takes readers on a journey unlike any other.

Aven Dovenelle is a beautiful, witty and spirited witch who has lived thirteen lives and suffered many deaths. Having found her home in modern day Salem, Massachusetts, she lives a contented life. Her best friend, Josephine Riddle (also a witch) and her daughter Sylvia, are always by her side and she is now ready to open a quaint magic shop selling her concoctions and charms. Many of the witches in Salem, haven’t fully accepted Aven, but Jo remains true to her. Therefore, Aven has confided in Jo, telling her that she has been cursed to live life over and over again. A white raven has been following her throughout each of her lives and may hold the key to her demise. She meets the charming and handsome plumber named Cal Jacobs. At first he doesn’t believe that Jo is an actual witch, but when the occasion arises, Aven must use her magic, proving to Cal that she is indeed an extremely powerful witch. A series of horrendous events occur and Aven’s magical abilities are fully realized. As time progresses, will Aven have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to be free?

The White Raven is an extraordinary supernatural story filled with twists and turns. It’s like a rollercoaster ride of emotion and action. I was completely caught up from the very first chapter and turned the pages quickly to find out what would happen next. Aven is a fun and fabulous well developed character that readers will love. Her abilities are beyond the natural and kept me totally enthralled. Modern day witchcraft is fully revealed, and oh so interesting. Author, Carrie D. Miller must either know the craft well, or she did a thorough research into this intriguing subject. It is rich with detail – without going overboard – and gives readers full insight and revelation. The mounting suspense is unbelievably intense and full of intrigue and fascination.

This gripping and captivating novel has imagery that is visually vivid, making the descriptive writing phenomenal and unique. I felt like I was transported to the various scenes and places in the story while watching on as the tale unfolded. It provides lovely, sensory details like the smells and objects in Aven’s eccentric little magic shop. In The White Raven, the world building is full and very impressive, especially for a first time novelist.

The White Raven is an emotionally intensive tale, bringing up feelings of anticipation and anger, as it often brought me to tears, as well as, welcomed laughter. It is a full on fantasy journey taking readers to new heights in their pursuit of a thrilling escape.

With beautiful, fluid writing, Carrie D. Miller has woven together an excellent story of magic and the supernatural. The White Raven has engaging characters and a fully laid out storyline and completed plot. The White Raven is one of the best fiction books that I have read on the subject of magic in a long time. It is fresh and original with a clear concise voice, told in the first person, a truly unprecedented debut novel.

Get yourself a copy of The White Raven, where witchcraft and excitement abound- you will be truly and fully entertained.
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  1. Beautiful book review for what sounds like an exceptional book. I am buying this one today. This site is the best book blog on the internet. I just love all your reading suggestions and the emails I get promoting so many great books and authors. I have bought several of them and I have enjoyed them all.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book. I am going to get it today. It sounds great. What other titles does the author have?

    1. Hello, Alex! I hope you enjoyed The White Raven. My next book, Copper Pennies, will release on July 13, 2019. So very excited! Please follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my mailing list to get all the latest news. Many thanks!