Essence of An Age – Lydia Redwine – Book Review

by Lydia Redwine
Genres: Inspirational, Poetry, Prose
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="essence of an age"Essence of An Age: A Collection of Poetry and Prose Lydia Redwine


Essence of An Age is the first poetry collection by Lydia Redwine and explores the depths of the heart, mind, and soul during the years where one is finding that they are growing up. Its emotional imagery will sweep readers into a world as real as their own, a world dealing with the dualities of life. The salt and sugar. All that is experienced in love and growth.


Essence of An Age by Lydia Redwine is a beautiful collection of poetry and prose.

Its emphasis is on the conflicting pains and wonderment of growing up. In a very personal account of the author’s own life, we have a deep and heartfelt collection of memorable poetry and verse.

Sometimes light and sometimes dark, Lydia Redwine reminds readers of the striking truths of transitioning from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. She stresses about the contrasts in life and learning while going through the changes life constantly brings.

Both refreshing and eye-opening, I was stirred with emotion as I read this lovely gathering of thoughts penned by a young woman that has opened her heart for the world to see.

She brings to light the fears, awkwardness and awe of growing up and the process of becoming an adult.

With both, soft and striking words, this collection of poetry is absolutely noteworthy, inspiring and invigorating. Very impactful and meaningful, readers will be moved to experience feelings that are significant and telling.

Essence of An Age is raw, genuine and profound. It is thought-provoking, sincere and passionate. The poetry and prose is written flawlessly. Lydia Redwine’s voice is clearly conveyed and felt. Chick Lit Café highly recommends this awe-inspiring collection of poems to all poetry lovers and readers that are looking to be inspired and moved beyond measure.

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