Whatever It Takes by Leigh Fleming

by Leigh Fleming
Published by Envisage Press Genres: Abuse, Contemporary, Romance, women's fiction
Format: Kindle

Alt="whatever it takes"Whatever It Takes: A Highland Springs Romance (Whatever Series Book 4) by Leigh Fleming


Secrets are best left buried in the past, something Darla Heartwood knows better than anyone. She’s hidden the truth for eighteen years until the night of her birthday when she receives a call asking if she gave birth to a baby girl. Suddenly, her perfectly ordered world, successful business, and public persona come unraveled. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect it to. Jason Byrne found that out the hard way. Left to raise his baby daughter on his own, he’s made a quiet life for them, teaching at the local college and dedicating his time to being a single dad. He had hoped to avoid the promise he’d made to Meghan—to find her biological mother when she turned eighteen—but when his healthy, athletic daughter collapses and doctors aren’t able to determine why, he can’t put it off any longer. Meeting the daughter she gave up, and the handsome, distinguished man who raised her, Darla decides it’s time she faces her fears. Meghan deserves a strong, brave role model. To earn her respect, Darla must confront the powerful man who left her pregnant at fifteen. She has to do Whatever It Takes to forgive herself, stand up and be heard, and open her heart to love and family.


Extraordinary story!

Whatever It Takes: A Highland Springs Romance by Leigh Fleming is a touching, heart wrenching and inspiring story about one woman’s journey to find the strength to confront her past and the courage to live a new life filled with love and peace. At the young age of fifteen, Darla Heartwood gave her baby girl up for adoption after she had been sexually molested and manipulated by a powerful and prominent man. Eighteen years later, Darla receives a phone call from the baby’s adoptive father asking her questions about the daughter she had given birth to so many years ago. At first, Darla wants nothing to do with Jason and his daughter Meghan, it was a closed adoption and she wants to leave it in her past. But, it has always haunted and tormented her. When she does finally meet her biological daughter, she feels deeply for her, and begins to have feelings for Jason, Meghan’s adoptive father. Meghan wants her mother to bring to light and expose the horrific circumstances of her conception. Now Darla must make an important decision that could bring tragic and terrible consequences to everyone involved. But, it could also bring redemption, justice and a chance at lasting love and a new family. What will she do? And will she survive it all? One must read this thought provoking and deeply compelling book to find out.

Whatever It Takes had me hooked from the very first chapter and I couldn’t put it down. It brings readers into the depth of emotion and takes them on a heartwarming journey of love and romance that was conceived from a real life nightmare. Leigh Fleming has created a one-of-kind story that readers will not soon forget. The characters are interesting, memorable, well developed and relatable. The descriptive writing had me on the scene in the small town of Highland Springs, watching on as the fascinating gripping story unfolded. It is different than anything I have ever read, and it is written with a unique voice while the storyline flows nicely with a captivating and riveting plot. It is filled with tenderness, suspense and romance. It is about finding courage and overcoming one’s past, no matter how difficult that may be. It is relevant with the modern day “me too” movement and sheds light on the courage it takes to speak up and be heard, not only to make a difference, but to bring closure, healing, love and serenity to damaged souls. Whatever It Takes is about secrets and taking chances that pay off. I loved this book and everything about it. It is tragic and wonderful. Darla, Jason and Meghan’s story will excite and warm the reader’s heart as they journey toward a happy new life together. Leigh Fleming is an extraordinary writer with a way with words that drew me in and kept me fully engaged all the way to the satisfying end. Whatever It Takes: A Highland Springs Romance is a powerful must read story for all women. Get yourself a copy and escape into a world filled with drama, romance and suspense.

Highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe!

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