Fate Cuts Both Ways – Barbara L.B. Storey – Book Review

by Barbara L.B. Storey
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="fate cuts both ways"Fate Cuts Both Ways: An Improbable Love Gives and Takes Away by Barbara L.B. Storey


A set designer and a movie star are stranded together in the wilderness after filming. Upon realizing that no one is coming for them – her car won’t start and he told everyone not to bother him – they decide to rough it out together.

In an unlikely twist of fate, the little moments of smiles, flirting, openness and comfort begin to build into something more. The stranded weekend turns into a romantic fantasy.

As all fantasies do, however, it comes to an end. Jon Jacobs is a movie star, after all, and Becca is just, well, Becca. When they return to the real world, friends and family begin to doubt the longevity of the so-called fling.

How could these two people, who are so different and from different places, be this into each other after such a short period of time? Who is using who here?

In the midst of these doubts, something happens that could bring them together forever. But will it last? Will fate allow it?


Fate Cuts Both Ways by Barbara L.B. Storey is a captivating romance story filled with emotion and unexpected twists. Readers will be swept up in the love story of two unforgettable characters.

Becca and Jon are on the set of a production they are both working on at a remote location. Fate steps in, as they are both left behind while the rest of the crew takes off. As they begin to set up for survival, they share a lovely, romantic and sexual time together. There, during their weekend together, they totally fall for one another, and their budding romance begins.

Once back home in London, they share many awkward and lovely firsts that come with a new and steamy relationship. They must also overcome obstacles, losses, uncertainty and guilt. Readers will be fully drawn into this love story while feeling many relatable emotions and turning the pages quickly to journey alongside Becca and Jon’s extraordinary story.

I so enjoyed Fate Cuts Both Ways by Barbara L.B. Storey. It has a memorable cast of characters that are fully developed, likable and who go through many trials along the way. As they overcome the issues they are facing, they are also learning to trust and be in a real loving relationship. Readers will be able to relate in so many ways. The story is rather long, but worth devouring it to the very end. It is divided into three sections, which makes for an easier read. It is deeply profound and full of emotion and tender moments. The couple must face so many difficult things that affect their relationship. They go through many ups and downs and readers will certainly be engaged while hoping for the best for them.

I couldn’t put Fate Cuts Both Ways down. It had me from the very first chapter, where it starts out as an exciting romantic encounter between two special people that find a real connection with one another. Then, it develops into a much stronger story with more of a meaningful, deep plot, with a satisfying conclusion that brings closure. Barbara L.B. Storey has a unique voice and she certainly is an exceptional storyteller.  Her descriptions are captivating and vivid, which kept me sensually delighted. This book is unique and fabulous. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Fate Cuts Both Ways to all avid romance readers that are looking for something original and entertaining to escape into. Get yourself a copy and discover a love story worth fighting for.

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  1. I’m buying Fate Cuts Both Ways. I can’t wait to read it. I am an email subscriber and regular visitor to your fabulous book site. I have bought and read many of the books you post on here. Never not liked a single one of them. This is a book blog I can trust to give me great reading suggestions. Please keep up the good work. Readers, and I’m sure the authors, really appreciate all you do for them. I have sent many reading friends to your site and they love it too. Rayna the Book Devourer

  2. Excellent review for this book. I am adding it to my TBR list. I love receiving your emails with all the awesome books you suggest in it. I have bought many of them and have loved them all. This is the best book blog on the web.