The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row by Steffen Hou

by Steffen Hou
Genres: Biographies, True Crime
Format: Kindle, Paperback

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Thousands of Americans are convicted of crimes they never committed. Many of them end up on death row where inmates have been executed despite their innocence. ‘The Deprived―Innocent on Death Row’ is a true crime book that tells the dramatic stories of death row inmates and describes the murder cases that led to their wrongful convictions. The book also investigates what leads to wrongful convictions and who’s most likely to be incarcerated for a crime they never committed. Get to know 10 Americans who have all been affected by wrongful convictions and the death penalty. Nick Yarris tells why he was chased by serial killer Ted Bundy and how he survived the violence in prison without becoming a monster yourself. Sonia “Sunny” Jacobs was the only woman on death row while her husband was executed despite being innocent. Derrick Jamisons execution was scheduled six times and he only had 90 minutes to live before being exonerated. Damon Thibodeaux’s own family thought he was a cold-blooded killer. Kwame Ajamu was put in the death house as a teenager when a 12-year-old boy gave a false testimony. Randy Gardner’s brother was executed by a firing squad. Today Randy is collateral damage of the death penalty. Herman Lindsey is still labeled a murderer even after being exonerated. Ronnie Sandoval’s teenage son was the victim of a wrongful conviction. After being exonerated he was killed. Marietta Jaeger forgave her seven-year-old daughter’s serial killer and fought for him not to be sentenced to death. Magdaleno “Leno” Rose-Avilá was a violent gang member. Today he is a human activist.


The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row by Steffen Hou is an engaging, factual and eye-opening report on the failures of our American Justice System, and how many people are wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. Put on death row and sentenced to die, Steffen Hou tells of nine different wrongfully convicted Americans and the horrendous ordeal they had to face before, during and after being sentenced to death. The Deprived is informative and heartbreaking, causing the reader to question the death penalty, and brings to light the possibility of false testimony, second-rate defense teams and even concealment of vital evidence. This is a corruption of justice that we all need to realize is happening to completely innocent citizens in our society today.

Each chapter outlines a different wrongfully convicted person that has been sentenced to death row. It tells of their conviction and life in prison, how they came to be exonerated and what their life is like, after they have been set free. Which in many cases, for them, is still like being behind bars. Although the subject matter is daunting, for those readers that love the true crime genre, this book will be especially entertaining and engrossing. It is compelling, thought-provoking and filled with information about our faulty justice system, by which every citizen should be aware of. The death penalty is a controversial issue and after reading The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row by Steffen Hou, I now have a different take on the subject. It is a very emotional read and my heart goes out to the wrongfully convicted, their families and all those that were involved in the process. Through each of these well written stories, I learned a lot about the lives of the accused and their lives in prison, on death row, while being innocent. Author Steffen Hou gives readers statistics and other pertinent information to ponder and be absorbed by. For the wrongfully convicted it is, unquestionably, a horrifying nightmare filled with torment and agony, and this injustice needs to stop immediately.

The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row by Steffen Hou is a must read, true crime book which Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends to ALL readers.

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  1. Goodness, this sounds heavy, but compelling. I’ve read a few books about things like the Innocence Project and people exonerated after spending decades in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, and it’s heartbreaking to just read about. I can’t imagine the grief of having to spend your life locked up for no reason. I may have to read this when I’m in the right headspace for it.