Right Back At You – Steve O’Grady – Book Review

by Steve O'Grady
Genres: Arts & Literature, Nonfiction, Science & Nature
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="right back at you"Right Back At You: Being Human in a Simulated Universe by Steve O’Grady


Right back at you holds a magnifying glass to the mysteries of our minds, exploring how our human minds are immersed in simulation because the universe is a simulation. Fight your fear of death, banish ghosts and see your reflection in a mirror in a brand new light, mind your language when you speak of mental-illness and face your fears of infection and disease. Scrutinizing stars, understanding black holes, challenging superheroes, decoding consciousness and awakening from our dreams are equally important steps on the journey. Referencing TV shows, movies, science journals, comic books, art and literature, the book examines why our conflicts with ourselves create who we really are.


Right Back At You: Being Human in a Simulated Universe by Steve O’Grady is a compelling must read book that, in the author’s own words, ‘holds a magnifying glass to the mysteries of our minds’. The author looks at human perception of a variety of aspects of one’s very existence; fear of death; the meaning and origin of dreams; the existence of the universe; the very essence of life itself. He considers simulation and its role, with a particularly enlightening statement – ‘Simulation is deeply intertwined with who we are and in the way in which we perceive ourselves and the universe.’ Steve O’Grady considers how we react to outside influences and how these relate to our view of life, stating ‘Input and output equal simulation, and the meaning that we give to any output is down to us…our output determines who we think we are.’

Steve O’Grady encourages the reader to look at everyday things in a different way, and makes comparisons with the workings of a computer, giving the example, ‘A rainbow is computer code in the sky.’ This thought-provoking book makes the reader consider their whole view on life and its influences, the things that we think we see and what we may actually be seeing. An interesting analogy is that of computer games, which takes the player into a virtual universe. The author shows how this can be compared to how we respond to the world around us.

This is a piece of work that can cause the reader to re-evaluate and re-consider their very existence, to open their minds to fantastic possibilities, and to look in a new way on things that may have made them fearful and why such fear is so daunting.

Right Back At You: Being Human in a Simulated Universe is concisely and clearly written whilst dealing with complex issues. Author, Steve O’Grady has cleverly illustrated his explanations with references to film and literature and quotations, giving credence to his explanations. In the final chapter Steve O’Grady summarizes his book in four main categories: the generation of dark theories; the other side; the real picture; the infinite illusion. He also examines religion versus science and backs up his conclusion with solid theories.

This book will literally change the way you think. It may well dispel your fear of death, suppress your dreams, and give you a whole fresh view of the universe itself. Get yourself a copy, Chick Lit Café is confident in recommending it!

Reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Café

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