Scars Among Us by C S Hunt – Book Review

by C S Hunt
Published by Tellwell Talent Genres: Abuse, Biographies, Memoir
Format: Hard Cover, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="scars among us"Scars Among Us by C S Hunt


Catherine is a dream come true for her parents. Their first born child is their most precious gift. The love and joy they feel for her is obvious to everyone who knows them. When tragedy unexpectedly hits, Catherine’s world is turned upside down and the course of her life is forever changed. In this heartbreakingly powerful memoir, Catherine goes back to where it all began. Following the tragic death of one of her parents at the age of three, she is sent to live with an Aunt and Uncle. This is where the cycle of her abuse begins. As she makes her way in the world, the sexual violation she endured at the hands of her uncle shapes her and how she sees herself. This is her journey of self-discovery – a reframing of the negative perceptions of who she is and an education in loving and accepting herself, regardless of the scars from her past. When devastating news about the beloved cousin she loves as a brother comes to the surface, the scars of her past are reopened. The memories of the abuse her uncle put her through come rushing back so powerfully that she is not sure she can survive this time. To save herself Catherine must face once and for all the demons of her past. She bravely exposes her complete self in this gut-wrenching journey of healing as she finally faces the torment she had worked so hard to bury. Scars Among Us talks about what many victims are afraid to talk out loud about. There is a taboo of shame deeply woven into the emotions of many victims of rape. This book attempts to diffuse the shame and talk honestly and openly about the matter. The travesty of sexual abuse impacts not only the victim but all who are involved, including their family, and the family of the perpetrators. This is a book about hope, speaking out and normalizing the pain, extinguishing the shame and stigma of sexual abuse once and for all.


Scars Among Us by C S Hunt is an engaging, heartfelt and gripping memoir about one woman’s struggle to overcome all of the negative effects, and life altering consequences, which she incurred due to being sexually assaulted and abused as a child. C S Hunt, generously, opens her heart and courageously shares about her childhood experiences of the sexual abuse forced upon her, by her very own uncle.

When she was born, her ecstatic parents loved and cherished her very much, and it was evident to all around them. At the tender age of three, Catherine Hunt’s mother unexpectedly passed away. Thus, Catherine is sent to live with her aunt and uncle during the week. This is the time when her tragic story begins. Not only must she process the grief of losing her mother, the love and security of her family and home, but her disgusting, perverse uncle molests her and sexually abuses her, robbing her of her innocence. Because of the multiple, fatal losses, and the abuses she endured, Catherine is traumatized, devastated and lost as a child, and later on as an adult, as well. She is severely scarred, and only a miracle can save her from a lifetime of guilt, shame and the loss of her identity.

In Scars Among Us by C S Hunt, we read about the cycles of self-destruction, which are repeated all the way into adulthood, due to the acts of a heinous pedophile, perpetrated long ago, and the lasting effects it has on the victim of sexual abuse.

In her authentic memoir, C S Hunt graciously brings readers a personal view of her childhood losses, sexual abuse, and the effects it had on her life as a whole, including the impact it had on her family. As she wrestles to relate and connect with others, establish good, lasting relationships, and fights to handle her constant emotional upheavals, she works extremely hard to “appear normal” to those around her and the world.

C S Hunt has been through much turmoil and trauma. Today, she shares with readers of her healing, transformation and her ultimate restoration. She shows readers, and others who are suffering, that through her courage to face the ghosts of her past, and work through her debilitating emotional pain, she went from a place of sadness and despair, to a wonderful, lasting life transformation. From her tragic, yet inspirational story, she now has the strength, ability and voice to help give other victims of abuse and loss, the knowledge, encouragement and support they desperately need to enable them to overcome their past and childhood losses.

Scars Among Us by C S Hunt is a, must read, engaging, gripping account of one woman’s desperate drive to overcome and rise above the cycle of negative, self-destructing actions, that often distinguishes the life of a child who has been sexually abused.

Scars Among Us by C S Hunt is a book filled with dark and haunting events, yet it is so profound, encouraging and powerful. C S Hunt is a fabulous expressive writer. Her descriptions and portrayals of her surroundings, settings and situations had this reader feeling and experiencing the very essence of her life’s journey from the dark ugliness of life, to the illuminated beauty that life truly holds.

Scars Among Us by C S Hunt is an extraordinary biography, which will have readers contemplating life, while being filled with tremendous mixed emotions, and much appreciated encouragement and inspiration. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Café!

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