The Night He Died – Cage Foster #2 – Stacy Green

by Stacy Green
Genres: Mystery, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the night he died"The Night He Died (Cage Foster #2) by Stacy Green


Wrong place. Wrong time. And everything to lose. Running for his life …Cage Foster discovers a body in one of New Orleans’s most mysterious cemeteries. His partner recognizes the victim—she investigated him for the disappearance of his girlfriend months ago and suspects suicide. Cage isn’t buying it—the evidence and the cause of death tell a different story. Running out of time …Within days, others start to disappear. Cage is certain everything is tied to one of New Orleans’s most powerful Mardi Gras Krewes, but with Fat Tuesday just days away, city officials demand Cage drop the investigation. Up against the city’s rich and powerful who financially fuel a corrupted legal system, Cage only has two allies: A clairvoyant and a woman with a past so dark and damaged, he’s afraid to trust her. The killer will do anything to keep from being exposed, and Cage’s luck has finally run out, because this is The Night He Died.


The Night He Died – book #2 in the Cage Foster series by Stacy Green is a 5 star, must read, gripping mystery set in the vibrant and mystifying city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Cage Foster is an investigator for the Louisiana Bureau of Investigations. He is a newbie to Louisiana, and the local police department views Cage as an outsider, which complicates his job. During a sting operation, Cage runs for his life into a dark old cemetery, before he is shot in the shoulder, and comes across a dying man who is soaked in acid. The man suddenly dies as Cage watches on with angst. As he investigates the case, he faces challenges with the local’s and their magic, voodoo, myths and creepy culture. The case gets complicated, taking twists and turns involving local families whom are steeped in generational secrets with shadowy, and cimmerian like, lives and pasts. Cage resists the cultural beliefs, as he gets deep into the investigation along with his partner, Detective Myra Bonin. The case takes him to eerie places with strange people who have dangerous secrets, yet to be revealed. Now his life’s in danger. Through bold determination, Cage digs deeper, faces local elites, government roadblocks and the chilling mystical culture and individuals. The danger he faces is menacing, and in order to survive he must put aside his own beliefs and use all the resources, intelligence and fearlessness he can muster up.

The Night He Died by Stacy Green is a fascinating read. I loved the setting of New Orleans and author, Stacy Green has captured its local mysterious essence with expressive and finely detailed description. The characters are fabulous, well developed, with unusual and interesting personalities, and distinctive facets to their personas. I was drawn to Cage and the some of the quirky characters he comes to depend upon, and frequently interacts with.

The story starts off with a bang in the first couple of chapters, drawing in the reader with an exciting, terrifying and gruesome display. Stacy Green lays a great foundation, creating the setting and characters in order to set the scene for this novel. Then, the narration hits high gear and becomes really gripping, crazy and surprising. At this point, I couldn’t put, The Night He Died down. I was fully engrossed in the plot, storyline and scenarios, which are filled with mystery, suspense and danger. Along with the frightening, hair-raising activities and mysticism of the local culture, this book is perfect for readers that love mysteries set in unusual ghostly, threatening and eerie places.

This story takes many turns, and in the end, the reader is satisfied as the profound puzzle comes neatly together. Well written, thought-out and smart, Stacy Green has proven herself to be a great mystery writer and storyteller. I loved this book with its disturbing, New Orleans setting and original threatening characters. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends The Night He Died by Stacy Green to all mystery and suspense lovers. And, especially to those who love a suspense filled mystery, set in a place that is truly eerie, and where the common activities of the locals are obscure and spine-chilling.

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