The Partners by Jack Polo – Book Review

by Jack Polo
Published by Black Rose Writing Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Format: AudioBook, Kindle, Paperback

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Two detectives’ steamy past complicates their hunt for a psychotic killer and puts them in an assassin’s deadly sights.

Would you trust a former lover who’d betrayed you? Detectives Cole Trane and Mollie Simmons have no other choice. They’re after a ruthless killer tied to the Russian mafia who leaves behind a bloody trail of victims – from a world-famous movie star to a squad of Royal Canadian Mounties – as he races for the border. Their only hope is to have each other’s back like they once had each other’s heart.


The Partners by Jack Polo is a must read story with exceptional authentic characters and engrossing plot, rewarding readers with mystery, intrigue and suspense at every turn of the page.

Two hasty detectives with a jaded love history partner up to take on their first murder case together in this exciting book jam packed with mystery and mayhem. Cole and Mollie take their readers on a wild spin as they navigate together through a thrilling ride of blood spill, mafia killers, and glamorous suspects with chaotic near death escapes. They were once involved romantically, and now they must come together again, but this time it’s to investigate the murder of a young actress and dealings with the Russian mafia. With a perfect plot, and the detective’s romantic past, things get complicated and interesting! The Partners by Jack Polo keeps a fast action pace, satisfyingly throughout, and at times I caught myself holding my breath, such an arousing and wonderful feeling to be pulled into a book as if I was right there seeing every descriptive scene in person! The mystery and suspense becomes overwhelmingly intense and it had me on the edge of my seat. Each of the characters have individual uniqueness and great depth to them. They have very relatable personalities, and at times, humorous sarcasm and dialogue. Their smart and energetic natures, and their sexy love-hate relationship, doesn’t stop them from trusting and having each other’s backs. Readers will connect with these two detectives and be thoroughly entertained as they ride along for the action and adventure. It was enjoyable to see the main characters solve crime while making their own personal discoveries. Author, Jack Polo has a knack for drawing readers into the minds of his characters, while bringing mystery fans a great plot to indulge and get lost in. As I read this fabulous, engaging and suspenseful book, it was clear to me that author, Jack Polo has an original and authentic voice. The Partners is a riveting and compelling story, which completely held my attention and kept me captivated from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down and turned the pages quickly to find out what would happen next. The Partners is an A1 combo of thrills and entertainment for all.

Chick Lit Cafe definitely recommends this wallop of a story to anyone interested in a fun and delightful book that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat through its entirety. A white knuckle thrilling book that should be on everyone’s reading list this summer!
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Cafe

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