Death Roll – Diana Welker – Book Review

by Diana Welker
Published by Satin Romance Genres: Mystery, Romantic Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="death roll"Death Roll by Diana Welker

Jewelry designer and gemologist, Megan Foster purchases an antique portrait of a bewitching temptress draped in emeralds and discovers a two hundred year old diary and treasure map hidden behind the frame. To unlock the secrets of the map and the woman, Megan enlist the help of an underwater photographer turned artist. Underwater diver, Eric Cortes, gets much more than he bargained for at his first private showing as an aspiring artist. He never expected to meet an intriguing jewelry designer or hunt for a lost pirate treasure or become the prime suspect in a murder. Their quest embroils them in a maze of mob murder, deceit and a tumultuous relationship.


Death Roll by Diana Welker is a captivating, addicting story filled with romance, mystery and suspense. It is an original piece of fiction that will have readers staying up late at night, breathlessly, turning the pages quickly to find out what could possibly happen next.

Megan Foster is a jewelry designer and gemologist. She comes across, and purchases, an enchanting antique painting of a portrait of a ravishing woman wearing an emerald necklace. When Megan discovers a diary and map to a treasure behind the frame of the two hundred year old painting, she needs help to find the treasure, and enlists underwater photographer and artist, Eric Cortes. Eric, dark and handsome, is attracted to Megan, and is more than happy to teach her to dive. Even though she has doubts, Megan must trust Eric, and lets him in on her desire to find the treasure. If she recovers the treasure, it will help her pay for her internship in Paris with a distinguished jewelry designer. She doesn’t know who to trust while she is desperately seeking to uncover the treasure. Meanwhile, Megan and Eric’s relationship grows while they are spending time together diving, eating great food and enjoying one another’s company. But, the situation becomes weird and threatening, as they soon become involved in a murder, are chased by a group of violent criminals and are in serious imminent danger. Will Megan and Eric find the secret treasure while falling in love and escaping the threats that surround them?

Set in the southwest coast of Florida, author Diana Welker brings readers an intriguing tale unlike any other with Death Roll. Her descriptive writing is expressive and detailed, maintaining a clear picture of the unique setting and scenarios throughout the entire story. I was drawn in from the very first chapter, getting to know the clever and interesting characters. Then, the story becomes an exciting adventure filled with action and mystery, as the body count begins to add up. Diana Welker has originated a one-of-a-kind plot within a romantic suspense storyline. I couldn’t put this book down and read it straight through in one day. It is a real page turner full of action, suspense, threatening characters and alluring, intense romance. It is a fun and exhilarating story with a clever twist, mysterious people and plot.

Death Roll by Diana Welker is a 5 star, must read romantic suspense that is truly different, enticing and convincing. Chick Lit Café totally recommends Death Roll to all readers, and those who are seeking something exceptionally refreshing and unusually intriguing in their romantic suspense quest.

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