A Walk On The Dark Side by A von Gerhardt

by A von Gerhardt
Genres: Mystery, Paranormal, Supernatural
Format: Kindle, Paperback

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With their paranormal investigative team still reeling from a case gone very bad, the Walk On The Dark Side crew are trying their best to rebuild their brand with only half their original members. Drucilla “Cilla” Parsons mightn’t be the most important person on the team, but she’s sacrificed too much to leave now, especially not with the uncertainties plaguing her. There’s something different about this weekend, about this case, about them… If only she and the rest of the team realized going in that ghosts would be the least of their worries.


A Walk On The Dark Side by A von Gerhardt is an intriguing, spine-chilling supernatural mystery story which is unlike any other. The author does a fabulous job by smartly influencing the reader’s expectations, creating twists, turns and unexpected intense surprises. This is a 5 star, must read book for all paranormal, mystery and trepidation lovers.

When Cilla gets a gut feeling that this time the team’s paranormal case may not be what they expected, author A von Gerhardt propels her readers onto a roller coaster ride – unable to get off until the very end! Intuitions are sent into a frenzy for the colorful and lively camera crew of the popular web series that investigates supernatural scenarios. On each episode, the team takes on a new case that navigates them through different locations, each with a different paranormal story, and the secret to their success has always been that they go in blind. Cilla and the rest of the group would never know what they were about to get themselves into, but it sure made one hell of an episode every time. Despite the major setbacks that had caused dangerous consequences in the past, the team’s persistence never faltered. Even after the loss a few key players from their team, they kept the show running. Along with the camera crew, the team also included three spirited psychics, everyone called the Triad, which were all known to be legit. They had weeded out all the fakes by using the blind method. But showing up today to the most perfect backdrop and setting for a “horror movie,” Cilla just knows this time is going to be unmistakably distinct, and even more frightening compared to their past investigations. A Walk On The Dark Side by A von Gerhardt, portrays a story with excellent foreshadowing of what is next to come in this dark and mysterious novel that will have you biting your nails till the very last page. Each scene paints an eerie picture that you just can’t shake from your head. An enjoyable book that is a definite recommend to anyone wanting an absolute bone chilling time! I liked that Cilla puts on a brave face throughout, showing depth to her personality which many readers will find relatable. A von Gerhardt has cleverly created unusual interesting characters which I totally connected with, and clearly understood their impulses and motivations. Her descriptive writing was so detailed and vivid, it had me on the scene watching on, startled and frightened many times throughout the well written storyline. I didn’t want this story to end, and can’t wait to read another title by this exceptional author.

I highly recommend this excellent supernatural mystery, and would certainly suggest readers to add A Walk On The Dark Side by A von Gerhardt to the top of your reading list this summer! What a fear filled thrill!

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Café

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