El Ombu by Beldon Butterfield – Book Review

by Beldon Butterfield
Genres: Action, Adventure, Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Romance, World War II
Format: Kindle, Paperback

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A relevant historical family saga told through the eyes of Lt. David Redfield, DFC & Bar. David is a volunteer photo reconnaissance Spitfire pilot during World War II born and raised in Buenos Aires, known as BA by the British and their descendants. The reader will learn about the British and cultural hegemony in Argentina. David’s war experience takes him to the Dover coastline, then to Tunisia where he becomes a POW of the Italian military. The odyssey continues as he escapes on a submarine bound for the Island of Malta. He is then sent to the British Mandate of Palestine before returning to Great Britain. In London he is trained by MI6 as the Third Reich implodes and their leaders make plans to create the Fourth Reich in Argentina as they transship bullion and Nazi officers, the likes of Adolph Eichmann, along pre-established ratlines.

Book Review:

El Ombù: A British Family Saga in Argentina by Beldon Butterfield takes the reader on a first-hand journey through the horrors of World War II as seen through the eyes of Lt. David Redfield, an Anglo-Argentine RAF photo reconnaissance pilot. The title refers to an evergreen tree native to the pampa, the vast grasslands of Argentina. The story begins with David as a child and the influences of his grandfather and father. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, at the age of seventeen he moves to England. His Anglo-Argentine heritage proves to be a double-edged sword in his life journey. As a photo-recon Spitfire pilot, he gains a reputation as a trusted and skilled member of the team. David’s world changes when at age nineteen flying his 200th mission, his plane is hit by enemy fire. He manages to land at an Italian airbase. Badly injured, he is taken as a prisoner of war and finds himself on an Italian hospital ship which sends him to his next destination where he remains until he meets up with his childhood friend, Lt. Col Vico Mancini of Mussolini’s Italian secret police. With Vico’s help, escapes aboard a British submarine destined for the Island of Malta. The story then follows David as his journey takes him eventually back to England and the next chapter in his role of defending his country. Interspersed with the war experiences are snippets from David’s earlier life, his childhood, his torrid romance with Flight Officer Maureen Jacobs of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), and his memories from years past living in Argentina. The ombù tree is particularly significant and a fitting title to this historical family saga. El Ombu is a wonderful example of how our early years can influence the decisions we make in the future, and the author has succinctly woven this life lesson into his story. The Author Beldon Butterfield, has really written a piece of work that not only takes the reader into David Redfield’s world, but into his mind, explaining his actions and reactions, his feelings of hopelessness contrasted by his euphoria when his mission is met with success. It also speaks of the camaraderie of his colleagues and the importance of teamwork, the lasting impact of friendships, and the depth of patriotism. In El Ombu, Butterfield writes with feeling and emotion, and with such colorful and detailed description that the reader is cast into the extremes of the conflict with David and those he comes in contact with. Such is the skill of this writer. He has also clearly researched his subject when it comes to the rise and fall of the British influence in Argentina giving credibility to such an amazing story. El Ombù: A British Family Saga in Argentina will not only appeal to those with a keen interest in WWII and of harrowing life experiences, but also readers of family sagas as well as lovers of adventure, romance, intrigue and espionage.

Reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Café

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