Stevie-Girl And The Phantom Of Forever by Ann Swann

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Once again Stevie encounters a phantom in need of assistance. This time it happened in a prison graveyard in Amarillo, Texas. That’s also where she found her dad, Big Steve, but it didn’t end there. This phantom not only coaxed Stevie and Jase across state lines, she coaxed them across all kinds of other boundaries, too.

Of course she did, after all, this one was the Phantom of Forever.

Book review:

Stevie-Girl And The Phantom Of Forever by Ann Swann is a fabulous, must read paranormal story filled with mystery, suspense and some fun and heartfelt moments.

Fourteen year old Stevie misses her Gramps and best friend, Jase, who has always been there for her. She takes a trip to visit her father, Big Steve, who is serving time in jail in Texas. While staying with unfamiliar family, and with feelings of being homesick, Stevie corresponds with her dearest love ones through a series of letters full of heartfelt vitality and impressionable strength. Her letters to her closest and most trustworthy friend Jase, are much more open and honest about her distress and uncertainties in comparison to her letters to Gramps, out of fear of disturbing or worrying his already frail condition. But having so much going on in Texas, Stevie must rely on Jase’s constant reassurance that her Grandpa is doing as well as he promised he is. Happy to be getting to spend time with her mysterious family and incarcerated father, Stevie also meets a new Phantom in the graveyard of the prison that needs her assistance. Stevie starts to become wary when she stops hearing from her Gramps and Jase, and questions everything in her surroundings and even her very existence. Determined to help the Phantom but also longing to be back at home, Stevie has lots of feelings about what is going on in her life. Because of the tactics that she needs to gain in order to survive and conquer, it becomes, maybe, the craziest experience of her life. With some very creepy and intense scenarios, Stevie-Girl And The Phantom Of Forever is the perfect mix of a cryptic mystery and a suspenseful, “edge of your seat” story. With great foreshadowing, unexpected twists, exciting and fun plotline and cool well developed characters to boot, Stevie-Girl And The Phantom Of Forever: Phantom Series Book 4 by Ann Swann is an ideal story for any jr higher looking for a lively read that keeps you guessing.

A 5 star paranormal and urban fantasy book for all middle schoolers, teens and young adults summer reading list!

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Cafe

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