Darkness and Light by Annelies George – 5 Star Mystery

Darkness and Light by Annelies George – 5 Star MysteryDarkness and Light by Annelies George
Series: Jessie Golden Earth Series

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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From International #1 bestselling author Annelies George comes the second part of the Jessie Golden Earth Series. DARKNESS AND LIGHT is set five years after the brutal attack in Jessie’s apartment. From Miami to the Seychelles, the now married journalist continues her life journey. The metaphorical meaning of darkness and light are central themes throughout the story. Hatred, greed, betrayal, lies, the desire for power, far reaching jealousy, unconditional love, forgiveness and the noticeable changes in today’s climate are some of the spellbinding features of this plot. In the second part of the Jessie Golden Earth series once more today’s business jungle is intertwined with the intangible world of the other side. This results in an easily readable exciting story set in various countries around the globe, leading to a surprising unexpected end to this part in the series.

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Darkness and Light (Jessie Golden Earth Series #2)
by Annelies George 

Chick Lit Cafe’s review:

Darkness and Light by Annelies George is a 5 star, captivating and compelling, evolving mystery where powerful forces seek to destroy, and treachery abounds. Every reader will be rooting for Jessie Golden as she tries to make sense of the deception surrounding her.

“Darkness and Light” by Annelies George is the second book in the Jessie Golden Earth Series, the first book being Quest to the Unknown. Following on the story from book one, Jessie Golden is married to Carlos Gomez, a notorious business mogul. Having been wooed by Carlos, Jessie fears that she is now losing his affections, and when business difficulties arise, she uses her skills as a journalist to calm the stirring waters. But she fears her husband is changing, especially since the death of his father who left an unusual and disturbing Will. She suspects Carlos is unfaithful too, so when there is the chance of a second honeymoon in Seychelles, Jessie hopes it will be a turning point in their relationship. However, what she discovers there causes her to doubt everything she had once believed.

That’s just for starters. There is subterfuge, deception, betrayal and treachery as the story unravels, and mystery abounds in a past death, and it certainly appears that all is not as it seems as Jessie tries to unravel the truth. Whilst Jessie is on her own quest, there are other plots emerging, such as the mafia boss with an agenda of his own who will stop at nothing to get his way. Add to this the involvement of the FBI and CIA, a drug-addicted rock star, and a psychic who some believe can change the world, and Jessie’s encounters with ‘darkness’ and ‘light’ are revealed.

For Carlos, it is all about his father’s Will and the consequences of the contents, which put his mother in control of what he sees as his empire for five years before he can ultimately take control. But as all the other factions come into play the story takes a turn that no-one has anticipated.

In Darkness and Light, the author, Annelies George, has skillfully woven an intriguing story which was conceived in book one, Quest to the Unknown, and continues in ‘Darkness and Light’. The characters are strong and powerful, such as Carlos, the psychic Nancy, and of course Jessie herself, and the reader is transported to settings that are visual and convincing. The concept is skillfully sculptured by the author to combine all the above elements into a story that will be eagerly awaited by those who enjoyed book one, and which will entice new readers to follow this author and the exciting Jessie Golden Earth Series. Chick Lit Café once again, recommends Annelies George and her new, exceptional, mystery installment, Darkness and Light.
Reviewed by author, Jane Finch for Chick Lit Café

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