Lake Girl by Cynthia Kumanchik – Book Review

Lake Girl by Cynthia Kumanchik
Genres: Murder Mystery, Paranormal, Psychic Detective, Teens, Young Adult
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Lake Girl by Cynthia Kumanchik


When Lily Lane first accepts the job in the small town of Lakeview Shores, she thinks she’s destined for a lazy summer serving food at the local hangout. She couldn’t have anticipated the disastrous turn her life takes before it ends.

Lily dies on the lake, but she has no idea who killed her. Instead, she is stuck in limbo as a spirit. Lily can observe others but has no way of affecting the physical world—that is, until Rose shows up. Rose, a magazine reporter, is Lily’s biological mother. Rose is determined to get justice and shares a special psychic connection with the daughter she has never known.

Together with Lily’s best friend, Jeremy, Rose begins investigating a series of crimes occurring in Lakeview Shores. Is Lily’s death connected to the thefts plaguing the community, or is it due to the actions of someone no one would have suspected? As Rose and Lily grow closer, both mother and daughter will discover that nothing is as it seems in this quiet community. Rose’s mission is important, but if she isn’t careful, it may just doom her to the same fate her daughter suffered.

CLC’s review for Lake Girl:

Lake Girl by Cynthia Kumanchik is a must read mystery story in which readers will find very intriguing, engaging and unable to out down. With a paranormal premise, suspenseful storyline and likable fascinating characters, Lake Girl hits the mark as an extraordinary murder mystery read.

Lily Lane has a new summer job as a server at the Shorebird diner where locals and tourists frequent and like to hangout. She assumed it would be a dull, laid back job for the summer in the small town of Lakeview Shores.  She couldn’t be further from the truth when she suddenly dies at the lake and now finds herself as a ghost-like spirit drifting around the lake and town. She watches on (in limbo) as the residents discover her dead body on the lake. Unable to make contact with the living, Lily feels lost and hopeless. That is until she meets Rose, a reporter who turns out to be her biological mother – whom she never knew. Mother and daughter discover they have a strong paranormal psychic connection with one another. With this intriguing and transfixing twist of fate, readers will become fully absorbed and compelled with each turn of the page. Rose, and Lily’s best friend, Jeremy begin to investigate a series of crimes and suspects who could be connected to Lily’s mysterious death.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lake Girl and Cynthia Kumanchik’s mind-blowing writing style. Her expressive words brought this story to life with thought-provoking, well developed characters, exciting narrative and a great setting that fully drew me. I felt connected as if I was literally on the scene watching the intriguing story and whodunit mystery unravel. I loved Lily and how her character was revealed while she was helping her mother with the investigation into the mysteries surrounding the town and to find her killer. I couldn’t put Lake Girl down and loved the phenomenal premise, mysterious layered plot and unforeseen twists and turns. I appreciated the author’s use of words, which made the story strong, clear and lucid. Unlike some of the other books which I have read on the after death experience, Lake Girl is decidedly different, genuinely unique and clever with some thrilling surprises that I did not see coming!

Chick Lit Café is positive that readers, teens, young adults and even older adults will thoroughly enjoy Lake Girl by Cynthia Kumanchik. A suspenseful, paranormal mystery story that will keep them guessing from the very first chapter to the final astonishing conclusion.
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