The ABC’s of Positivity by Laura Lynn Doyle – Children’s Book

The ABC's of Positivity by Laura Lynn Doyle
Published by Desire For Higher on September 19, 2019
Genres: Children, Inspirational, Kid's Lit, Rhyming Books, Self-Esteem
Pages: 34
Format: Hard Cover, Paperback
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The ABC’s of Positivity by Laura Lynn Doyle


The ABC’s of Positivity is a delightful rhyming picture book full of powerful, and positive affirming messages to help children develop a positive attitude towards themselves, others and life; while having fun learning at the same time.


The ABC’s of Positivity by Laura Lynn Doyle is an amazing, inspiring rhyming picture book for young children. Young ones will learn their ABC’s while going through the alphabet one letter at a time.

Each letter represents a powerful promise of self-esteem, positivity, love and joy. From A is for amazing because that is what you are – through Z is for zest and feeling pride in everything you do – young children will feel empowered and happy for who they are and see all the good things which life holds for them. I absolutely love The ABC’s of Positivity. It is so full of inspiration, teaching kids to look at life with an attitude of gratefulness, enthusiasm, joyfulness and love. It is so simple yet so profound and encouraging. The illustrations are delightful, simple and colorful, which will certainly captivate young children with excitement, curiosity and eagerness. Each letter represents a picture with an awesome, hopeful and positive self-affirming message. Children will learn and see that they are special and loved and that life holds much joy, fun and extraordinary opportunities for them. It teaches them the alphabet while building up their self-esteem, enthusiasm and enjoyment of life. Author Laura Lynn Doyle has captured the heart of life for young children. They can easily memorize each letter and each positive affirmation and keep them secure in their minds and hearts. Then when circumstances and emotions come up, they can remember these life assuring verses and feel happy, secure and like they can conquer the situation. That is what I can see happening. This book is absolutely innovative, unique and so very meaningful. It will certainly captivate young children, while bringing them self-confidence, comfort and excitement toward life. Reading it even encouraged me and had me feeling delighted and uplifted.

Every child must have a copy of The ABC’s of Positivity by Laura Lynn Doyle – it will change their lives, build their self-esteem and give them a positive zest for life filled with joy, kindness and creativity.

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