Cycles of the Phoenix by C.A. Nicholas

by C.A. Nicholas
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Cycles of the Phoenix: The Whole Interlaced Souls Series Edition by C.A. Nicholas 


C.A. Nicholas’s magnum opus symphony is about to begin and he’s reserved a seat for you. So come on in and I’ll lead you to your place of honor as the house lights dim. Yes, your spot is beside the maestro as he teleports you and he through various worlds to befriend diverse souls who’ll reveal the beauty of your life through their stories.

C.A. Nicholas’s Interlaced Souls Series has ended and he has collected it into one tome on your behalf. “Cycles of the Phoenix” consists of “Sanity’s War”, “Strange: And Other Accounts from the Taboo War”, and “Kaya: Where Have You Gone?”

Hope, love, and perseverance infuse this art piece; ready to embrace anyone who feels lonely and enchained within the essence of a starless and moonless night. However, not all of his stories of fantasy, humor, and horror within may have happily ever afters though take heart in knowing that there is a humanity enriching purpose to any of the possibly devastating conclusions.


Cycles of the Phoenix by author C.A. Nicholas is for die-hard sci-fi and horror fiction fans. The Whole Interlaced Souls Series is broken down into many stories. From outer world kingdoms, memories, and nightmares in battles and war-torn villages, to dysfunctional living in modern day society, the shrill horror of living and dying become one in the same – torturous.

The gravity of the human emotions when placed in seemingly impossible situations is paramount and leaves a trail filled with debris of the fallen throughout the series. The victorious winners are celebrating their opponents defeat while boldly awaiting another day to battle and prove their supremacy once again.

The novel is truly a sanity’s war with circumstances leading to depressive states with only a flicker of hope for survival. A theme of sometimes you win and sometimes you lose is a constant struggle for the characters throughout the stories. From inhabiting a cursed place, with humans and creatures shattering their reality, it’s a war of survival.

The author, C.A. Nicholas adds inspirational notations in some chapter headings and at the end of the book. The idea of self-worth is expounded on. In the story Nayati, comments are made for identifying the ways you’ll know you’re loved through inspiring quotes.

The author plays his hand showing the dark and light side of human behavior as he weaves his story through to a reunion of remembrance and inspiration. Cycles of the Phoenix by C.A. Nicholas is a must read for avid science fiction and horror lovers.

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