Corruption in the O.R. by Barbara Ebel

Corruption in the O.R.: A Medical Thriller by Barbara Ebel
Series: The Outlander Physician Series

Genres: Anesthesiology, Medical Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Corruption in the O.R.: A Medical Thriller (The Outlander Physician Series Book 1) by Barbara Ebel


Unethical, greedy, and illicit – welcome to the operating room at Masonville General Hospital.

Anesthesiologist Viktoria Thorsdottir is no ordinary physician and she’s accustomed to working temporary assignments. In her travels, however, she’s never been greeted by such a stark, icy-cold reception from O.R. personnel like the one she encounters at Masonville General.

˃˃˃ Viktoria is an expert at making her patients comfortable, so why do they continue to feel pain?

Dr. Thorsdottir discovers that there are forces at work in this Northern Pennsylvania hospital that she doesn’t understand; forces that the doctors in charge pretend don’t exist. In the face of growing animosity towards her, she begins to stealthily monitor the nurse anesthetists she supervises, and must become as diabolical as they are to discover the disturbing truth of the community’s anesthesia services. As Viktoria’s situation becomes more complex, it is apparent that there is more than one sinister secret hidden in the department!

˃˃˃ This is Book One in the Outlander Physician Series.


Corruption in the O.R by Barbara Ebel Is a fascinating medical mystery and thriller fiction story which will have readers coming back for more from this incredible author and storyteller.

Dr. Viktoria Thorsdottir is an Anesthesiologist who begins working at Masonville General in Pennsylvania. She is a doctor on the road with temporary assignments to various hospitals. She finds that the staff in the O.R. department at Masonville General are unwelcoming, cold and aloof. After one of the doctors there commits suicide, everyone is indeed saddened – but what led up to his suicide? Her patients are not being relieved of their pain and Viktoria begins to question and observe many things. She starts to discover that there are terrible things going on in this hospital. She begins to closely and quietly observe the nurse anesthetists she is in charge of and soon discovers some diabolical truths and deep secrets involving the anesthesia services and within the O.R. department at Masonville General Hospital.

Corruption in the O.R by Barbara Ebel is a remarkable, thrilling and thought-provoking story with a lot going on in its multi-layered plot. The author delves deep into questions of moral and ethical responsibility within the hospital and medical field. The characters are fascinating, well-developed with interesting compelling personalities. Readers will find themselves fully engaged from start to finish of this story wondering if this actually happens in real life. I, myself, believe it does. This is a thrilling read with many illicit, unscrupulous and wicked secrets and mysteries to be unraveled. Readers will connect with, and be rooting for the main character Dr. Viktoria Thorsdottir as she tries to uncover and discover what is actually happening within the O.R. and with the anesthetists, all while hostility against her is continually growing. For readers who love medical thrillers and mysteries, this book is at the top of my list for them. It feels very realistic and the author’s descriptive writing style brings it to full life. Barbara Ebel has created a unique story filled with tension, emotion, drama, suspense, exceptional characters and one-of-a-kind plot.

Corruption in the O.R.: A Medical Thriller (The Outlander Physician Series Book 1) by Barbara Ebel is highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. A must read, 5 star medical thriller!

Purchase Corruption in the O.R.: A Medical Thriller (The Outlander Physician Series Book 1) by Barbara Ebel today!
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