Anything Between Us by Mila Ferrera (Sarah Fine)

Anything Between Us by Mila Ferrera (Sarah Fine)
Series: Starving Artists

Published by Mila Ferrera Books on July 30, 2019
Genres: College, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 276
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Anything Between Us (Starving Artists Book 3) by Mila Ferrera 


Bestselling author Sarah Fine presents a powerful standalone romance.

What if falling in love is the biggest risk of all?

Sasha decided a long time ago that she would only allow herself a single night each year to go out and be wild. The rest of her time is spent at her pottery wheel or taking care of her father, who has early-onset Alzheimer’s. She has plenty of reasons to avoid anything more than this: one guy, one night, and no names exchanged. But this year, the long and lean stranger she chooses turns out to be more than she bargained for. He makes her feel alive–when it doesn’t seem safe to feel that way at all.

Discharged from the army after a traumatic deployment, Nate returns to his hometown riddled with guilt and unable to envision a future. Everything starts to change during a night out with friends, when a beautiful stranger offers him a no-strings-attached encounter against the wall in the back room of the bar. He knows the deal, but when they run into each other again at the local artists’ co-op where his older brother works, he can’t help but crave more. She makes him feel alive–but he’s still trying to decide if he wants to live at all.

She’s not willing. He’s not ready. But with an unrelenting attraction that weakens their resolve with every passing minute, Sasha and Nate embark on a friendship. One that makes them both stronger. One that makes them wonder if the future might be brighter than either of them ever imagined–until a devastating turn forces them to decide: Is risking everything for love is worth the pain of losing it long before they’re ready?

**Full-length standalone romance with HEA.


Anything Between Us by (award winning author Sarah Fine writing as) Mila Ferrera is a stirring, heart-warming and electrically-charged contemporary romance, and I loved it! It is a beautiful read!

Broken, hurt, lonely with emotional-walls of fear erected around them, Sasha and Nate have more in common with each other than they realize.  When their highly charged persona’s clash together in a one-night-stand of passion, they are both left breathless… and wanting more.  Unable to offer more, Sasha keeps Nate at arm’s length until she discovers he is as broken as her.  Sasha then offers him the hand of companionship, and Nate accepts although he longs for more.  Their friendship to romance relationship is electric as sparks of desire flash between them.

Besides two absolutely fabulous main characters, we are treated to a plethora of supporting roles which I couldn’t help but love as well.  Friends and family fill the pages alongside Sasha and Nate, making this a delight to read.  Nate’s mum is battling cancer and Sasha’s dad has Alzheimer’s.  Nate is struggling with the memory of watching his friend die and Sasha hides the guilt she feels over her fiancée who committed suicide.  Each one of these subjects could be harrowing, however, Mila Ferrera touches on each with grace and understanding and her writing moved me to tears several times. The ending left me light and full of joy!

To live each day to the full – is the message behind this marvelous story.  If only, like Nate and Sasha, we could grasp the preciousness of each day, how wonderful that would be.

With a stunning, easy-to-read writing style and a story that grabs your attention from beginning to end, this is a book you won’t be able to put down.  Mila Ferrera has created people who are real, three-dimensional and very likable, and given them a story that will make you hold your breath.  Anything Between Us by Mila Ferrera is highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.   
Reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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