The Summoner by M.C. Glan – Book Review

The Summoner:  Book One of The Temple of Empia Saga by M.C. Glan
Series: The Temple of Empia Saga

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Suspense, Thriller, Vampires
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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The Summoner: Book One of The Temple of Empia Saga by M.C. Glan


Light vs. Dark
Love vs. Hate
Human vs. Vampire…

Cassandra Wynstrom auditions for the lead part in the Queen’s play, not knowing it portrays an ancient war between the Humans and the Empians. This act sparks a prophecy to life, and draws an enemy out of hiding.

Lharkin created a new family called Kins: vampires using his bloodline. But one woman threatens his existence; Cassandra’s the key to a prophecy that can destroy the last of his kind. Can he convince her to join him out of her own free will before she realizes who she is?

The answers are in another land called Empia where a mystical temple awaits…as well as the spirit Guardians. It is here where Cassandra needs to get to Lharkin before the Dark Guardian gets to him; she needs him to remember the Light or she will have to destroy him.

But there is a greater problem: she’s falling for him.

Join Cassandra’s and Lharkin’s epic journey in self-discovery, the shocking truths of the Empians’ past, and what will happen when the next battle ensues.


The Summoner by M.C. Glan is a story filled with supernatural suspense and terrorizing phenomena. A gripping story of good versus evil with magical and spiritual warfare a constant threat to the unsuspecting empire under siege.

M.C. Glan’s creative opening to the story will send chills up your spine. As the tale unfolds, you’ll go on a voyage in time dating back to the Empian Empire. She then brings you forward to the chaotic conflict between the remaining Empians and the ruling kingdom of Aurialus.

Filling the leading roles are the likable, but rebellious Cassandra Wynstrom whose father was a dress designer for the Queen. At twenty-five years-old, her parents continued to play an overprotective role to keep her in line. For she had yet to understand, her escapades went against her parents.

Her housemaid Henrietta couldn’t keep up and her words fell on deaf ears. There was nothing stopping her from exploring hidden truths. Cassandra had a date with destiny, and you’ll see the bits and pieces fall into place before the final act.

Cassandra auditioned for a lead role in the Queen’s play. Quite accidentally, in fact. A door she’d darted into from the street when hiding from her mother, took her a step closer to the outer edge.

The play which her parents allowed her to continue in was found contemptible by some in the kingdom. The script was based on the ancient war between the Humans and the Empians. In her role, she had to betray the man she loved to save her people. A forbearing warning of things to come.

Her role sparks a prophecy from the Dark Guardian and draws an enemy in her midst. You’ll meet Lharkin, the leader of the Empians and his oldest “Kin” Malin who’d been by his side for 100 years, and his sister Lazri whose determination was an equal match. Like vampires, they feast off the blood of “familiars” who’ve undergone the change. Their kinship is the mortar that binds them yet has the potential to pulverize under pressure.

A battle ensues for the Empians to exist and add to their ranks. They needed fresh blood, but only from those who were “familiars” with the same blood type. Unsuspecting villagers were spoofed to determine theirs, to be recruited as Kin. The clash heightened as Lharkin and Cassandra’s lives become intertwined leading to unsuspecting conflict and consequences foretold by the Dark Guardian. There was one place that could nullify the prophecy. The mystical temple where the spirit guardians reside. This is where Lharkin would see the light. But, could she get him there before the Dark Guardian got a grip on him?

M.C. Glan pulls no punches and takes you to the heart of the struggles with pain-staking jabs. You’ll find the traits of the characters remain unchanged throughout the novel leaving you with a surprise ending. A must-read for fantasy fans. The Summoner by M.C. Glan is highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.
Reviewed by CJ Bowen for Chick Lit Café

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