I Am Rahab: A Novel by JC Miller – Book Review

I Am Rahab: A Novel by JC Miller
Published by Jess, Mo' Books on June 16, 2019
Genres: African American Fiction, Christian Fiction, Coming of Age, Family Saga, Novella, women's fiction
Pages: 136
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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I Am Rahab: A Novel by JC Miller


What happens when a young girl is abruptly taken away from everyone and everything she knows? When the comforts of a Bayou home are pulled from under the feet of young Rahab Auguste, she must rise above and face the challenges on the streets of the South Bronx. Discovering family secrets withheld from her, Rahab embarks on a journey down a path she never saw coming, with a mother she never knew. I Am Rahab: A Novel – Part I is a coming-of-age tale cleverly depicting the biblical account of Rahab the prostitute before the fall of Jericho, as told through the present day story of Rahab Auguste. This multi-generational fictional story is the first in a three-part series chronicling the life of Rahab as she discovers the truth about life, the pain of death, and the meaning of survival. Life rotates in cycles, and if you’re not careful you can end up on a road not meant for you to travel. For a young girl plagued by her family’s past, her path is just beginning.

 Chick Lit Café’s Book Review:

I Am Rahab is a promising and touching introduction to a new mini-series.  The author JC Miller has a lovely story-voice and depicts her characters with depth and warmth.  This is a short Christian-based novella with an open ending, which will certainly lead you into wanting to buy the next ones, I definitely do. Through her gifted and anointed story-telling, JC Miller brilliantly illustrates the biblical Rahab, through her extraordinarily moving modern day character Rahab Auguste. She skillfully brings readers a fresh coming of age story filled with emotion, thought-provoking and compelling narrative. Although, this is a Christian book, it would assuredly be an enjoyable read for every reader.

The first half of this tale lays the foundation to Rahab’s life, and we start the story with her great-grandmother, discovering she is a Voodoo priestess.  Clearly a curse is following these women through the generations, as Lotti is raised by her grandmother, and then she raises her own granddaughter Rahab, all shrouded in heartache and sadness.

The second half introduces us to Rahab herself.  I absolutely loved her innocence and sweetness.  I was horrified when at the age of only eleven she attracts the unhealthy attention of Dr Chester; I was cringing in my seat not wanting to read what was happening and was mighty relieved when the author stops things where she does.  And then there is Rahab’s best friend, Salmone.  What a treasure he is, what peace radiates from him even at such a young age, I can’t wait to continue reading to find out if the word from the Lord to him comes true.  So far this story has been tragic, and we haven’t come to redemption yet, but the promises of God are littered through the pages like little lights of hope.

I Am Rahab is a beautiful piece of fiction with the author’s genuine faith and remarkable writing ability shining through. I am sure JC Miller will be writing more than this series as she has obviously been given a gift of storytelling.  I loved every page of this amazing novel. Chick Lit Café can’t recommend I Am Rahab by JC Miller highly enough. ~ Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Chick Lit Café

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