Love’s Journal by Kathy Forbes – Book Review

Love’s Journal by Kathy Forbes
Published by Pentian on April 17, 2019
Genres: African American Fiction, Christian, Historical Fiction, Romance
Pages: 268
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Love’s Journal by Kathy Forbes

“Love’s Journal” is about a love that spans diversity and struggle. Ruby Sims is portrayed as one of the first true feminists to see past color in America, during the age of Slavery. Ruby leaves her homeland of England, travels across the sea to be bombarded with a series of barbaric realities that alter her state of being, strengthen her belief and reaffirm her faith. Ruby remains the underdog throughout her life as she appears as a Caucasian woman born in Europe to a black woman that she has never met. She marries, yet is separated from her husband to travel alone to America, ignorant to slavery, and gives birth to twins, one black the other white. Ruby, in spite of her situation, refuses to allow opposition to dictate the outcome of her circumstance. Ruby is a young woman taking full responsibility for the choices that she feels she is being forced to make. Motivated by the love of a man and the concern for her children, she will create a world in the 18th century that depicts sacrifice and endurance fueled by the fear of losing them all. This story spans 3 continents as it weaves several cultures tightly together to celebrate the common bond that women share as sisters, wives, and mothers. It is a story that blends desire with necessity and 60 years of love. A Christian Love story empowered by God.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

Love’s Journal by Kathy Forbes is a 45-year walk through history, starting off in 1812.  This is a lovely ‘Christian Historical Romance’ that takes a meditative look into the issue of historic racism and focuses on love without boundaries.

We start this charming story in Africa with the delightful couple of Nelton and Sarah Sims, missionaries in Africa.  As they ride towards the village smoke warns them that something is wrong.  In the horrific aftermath of a village slaughtered they find a baby boy, a miracle of life, who they fall in love with and adopt.  Max grows up into a handsome man of privilege and social standing, but the color of his skin means he doesn’t always feel that he fits in, and no amount of love from his adoring parents can ease the feeling of being an outsider.

Ruby enters into his life, and for the first time Max feels a real connection, although he still struggles with his depressing thoughts.  It seems they are made for each other and their wedding is held with much celebration.  At first, it seems they share the same dream, to seek a new life for themselves in America.  However, just when they are about to embark on their journey, Max has news of other survivors from his village and heads back to Africa with his father.  Deciding to go on ahead and start up their new home for them, Ruby travels to America on her own.  Virginia is not the place she dreamed it would be, and she is appalled that there are still slaves and by the way they are treated.

The next 35 years unfold a surprising family saga.  Kathy Forbes has created a beautiful tale of love against the odds.  Love, that surpasses barriers, and bonds of love that cannot be broken; no matter what the world throws at them. With remarkable well-developed characters and an amazing storyline and plot, Love’s Journal by Kathy Forbes is a beautiful, easy-to-read novel, a really sensitive and sweet insight into loving people for who they are.  Highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. ~ Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Chick Lit Café

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