The Romance of Wind & Fire by Brady Caleb Wilkinson

The Romance of Wind & Fire: a.k.a. Hamlet & Juliet (Shakespeare Remix) by Brady Caleb Wilkinson
Series: Shakespeare Remix

on October 10, 2019
Genres: Drama, Poetry, Romance
Pages: 134
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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The Romance of Wind & Fire: a.k.a. Hamlet & Juliet (Shakespeare Remix) by Brady Caleb Wilkinson

“Where mortal schemes are met with fatal ends when love’s performance ceases to pretend. “The dramatic re-imagining of Shakespeare’s classic. What becomes of “Romeo & Juliet” when cunning Hamlet is born in place of gentle Romeo? A northern wolf is born in place of bracco pup. Whereas Romeo was a leaf on the wind, Hamlet moves with dark purpose. The conflict between Montague and Capulet has waged for many years; yet son of Montague, Hamlet, has conspired to bring the drama to its close. His plan: woo Capulet maiden Juliet. Tis a perilous task that shalt surely mean the forfeit of his life should he fail. Be weary dread schemer, for the fruits of thy ambitions may be thy undoing for how often hath love laid low the best plans of man?


Playwright, Brady Caleb Wilkinson throws down the gauntlet with his modern spin on William Shakespeare’s memorable works. As famous dramatists before him, he’s adapted and re-imagined the scenes to fit into the cultural and political climate of the day.

In his defining moment, Wilkinson has given us a powerful interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. For example: What becomes of Romeo and Juliet if the darling Romeo is instead moved by a darker purpose personifying Hamlet?

The author has expert knowledge of Shakespeare’s greatest work. Through his uncanny understanding of his early comedies and tragedies and later tragicomedies, defined as romances, Wilkinson created a brilliant and amazing original script.

The Romance of Wind & Fire is highly imaginative and provocative as the original in its time. From humorous moments to tragic and perilous scenes, the audience experiences the nuances of the characters in an unforgettable beckoning way.

The character development throughout the play gives surprising new insights into the traits of the characters as the story unfolds. You’ll be in awe throughout the play and eager in anticipation of the next scene.

Love Shakespeare? You’ll love The Romance of Wind & Fire by Brady Caleb Wilkinson a remix with a tribute to his finest work. You’ll laugh, perhaps even cry as you experience the depth of this creative work.

Shakespeare’s plays have stood the test of time. This statement was memorialized by poet Ben Jonson in his quote from First Folio, a posthumous collection of Shakespeare’s dramatic works, when stating, “not of an age, but for all time.”

Today, Wilkinson has shown us this truth with his twisted and shocking reinvention of Romeo and Juliet. He, too, now is an esteemed contributor to William Shakespeare’s legacy. Bravo! Highly recommended!

Purchase your copy today and revisit Romeo and Juliet in an exciting masterful contemporary way by reading The Romance of Wind & Fire. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by C J Bowen for CLC.

Purchase The Romance of Wind & Fire: a.k.a. Hamlet & Juliet (Shakespeare Remix) by Brady Caleb Wilkinson today!
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