Better with You by Hattie Lou – Book Review

Better with You by Hattie Lou
on March 22, 2019
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 253
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Better with You by Hattie Lou 

Tate and I had a unique bond. We started out as friends but ended up dating. He was the center of my world until one day when he just up and left without a trace. Tate left behind two important things, his baseball glove and my broken heart.
I knew from the first moment I met Harper that she was special. She was more than just a girl who was my best friend. She meant everything to me. Asking her to be my girlfriend is something that I never regretted. I just wish I could have stayed. I loved that girl with all of my heart and it pained me to walk away from her, but what choice did I have?
Harper arrives in Boston to get away from everyone including her fiancé. She wants to be alone so she can think. Little does she know Tate lives in Boston. He is no longer the boy that she used to date but is now a grown man with tattoos. The plan was to take time away to clear her mind. Plans have suddenly changed. Seeing Tate has made Harper question her future and her heart.

Book review:

Better with You by Hattie Lou is an engaging, well-written and delightful romance story that evolves from a high school friendship to a lasting endearing relationship.

Having noticed her compelling beauty, Tate watches Harper from across the street. Upon his father’s suggestion, Tate finally decides to walk over and speak to her. After summer is over, Tate and Harper reconnect. A friendship begins as Tate settles down in the new school, being new to the town. With time, both Harper and Tate discover they are in love with each other. As their relationship unfolds, the two become inseparable until one day Tate and his family disappear without a trace. Though heartbroken, Harper manages to move forward and years later she becomes engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Porter. Despite how far they have come, Harper is uneasy at the thought of settling down with him. She leaves for Boston to think things over but everything becomes even more complicated after her arrival.

Set in a realistic high school environment, where Harper struggles to find her place and Tate gradually becomes popular, Better with You follows a believable trajectory. Harper and Tate’s friendship creates a safe haven especially for Harper who before Tate’s arrival largely keeps to herself. Tate’s abrupt departure from the town introduces a sudden turn in the plot. As the years pass, it is clear that what they shared between them was more than a whimsical high school love story. As adults, their powerful chemistry returns and the memories they once shared flood back. Tate is not ready to let Harper go this time around.

A beautiful coming-of-age romance story, Better with You by Hattie Lou, is captivating for its imperfect characters and surprising outcomes. Book review by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café.

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