Best Foot Forward by Bea Stevens – Book Review

by Bea Stevens
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Best Foot Forward by Bea Stevens

Liberty ‘Libby’ Lawrence has had her boyfriend stolen.
Mr Partington, her boss and hotel manager, has had money stolen.
Is it just sour grapes that causes Libby to link the two?

Fashion-lover Libby Lawrence enjoys working at The Chalfont Hotel, but doesn’t enjoy seeing her boyfriend with another girl—especially when that girl happens to be beautiful, fake-Louboutin-wearing, Bianca Morrison-Wright, the hotel barmaid.

When it is announced that money was stolen from the hotel safe, Libby soon has her suspicions—but are they justified?

Newly-promoted Sgt James Harper, the handsome policemen tasked with solving the theft (of the money, not the boyfriend) is amused and bemused by Libby’s theories. But while trying to impress his boss, he’s reluctant to believe that the clue to the theft lies in designer shoes—fake or otherwise.

However, when it transpires that there is even more crime and corruption afoot, he has to admit that shoes might be more involved than he first thought.

James and Libby become closer as they try to ascertain what’s going on at the hotel—but are they really any closer to finding the thief?

Book review:

Imagine Bridget Jones pretending to be Miss Marple, while working at Fawlty Towers and you have a good idea of what you can expect from this totally fun romantic comedy come cozy mystery, Best Foot Forward  by Bea Stevens.  

Liberty Lawrence (Libby to her friends) is on a who-done-it mission.  Hare-brained Libby is a day-dreaming expert, shoe-obsessed gal who is reeling from a cheating ex-boyfriend.  Money has been stolen from the hotel safe, and she’s pretty sure she knows who took it!  But who would listen to her when she points the finger at the woman who stole her man?  She definitely has trouble in convincing the handsome Sergeant James Harper to believe her.  With her bestie and roommate Cassie, she must hide the truth from two snooping reporters; appease her ever-crotchety boss Mr Partington, and somehow manage not to cover the guests in peas or trample on their dogs!

There is a plethora of laugh out loud moments in this jolly romp, my best laugh coming from the scene where Libby is covered in cream, lying on the bed listening to Whale music when Sergeant Harper bursts in on her.  Her response, in an accent somewhere between Spanish and Russian, of ‘no Libbys here’ had me in stitches, but the situation doesn’t seem to put off the Sergeant who thinks she’s beautiful, even if a little accident prone.  Will the thief be caught?  Will Libby ever find true love?  And will she ever own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes?

Bea Stevens has crafted a thoroughly charming and easy-to-read cozy mystery/sweet romantic comedy.  Best Foot Forward is a delightful, engaging funny novel that I’m sure you will love.  With well-developed characters, a lovely setting, witty narration and an original plot that will keep readers up late turning the pages quickly, Best Foot Forward by Bea Stevens comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book Reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café

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Best Foot Forward by Bea Stevens
Series: The Liberty Lawrence Series
Published by Beatrice Stevens on March 21, 2019
Genres: Cozy MysteryRomantic Comedywomen’s fiction
Pages: 299
Format: KindlePaperback
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