Book Review for Blood & Whiskey by Meredith Allison

by Meredith Allison
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Book review for Blood & Whiskey: A Scalisi Family Novel by Meredith Allison  – 

Fans of The Godfather and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire will love this new adult, feminist take on Prohibition gangster history!

1924 Chicago is a turf war: the North Side against the South Side. Booze, guns, money, and blood are all currency here.

Prohibition is a breeding ground for the rise of organized crime in America, and for the ambitious, it means building a fortune. Mia Scalisi, a street-smart showgirl, has big dreams of leaving behind the small-time supper club she performs at night after night. She wants to see her name in lights—and maybe even on the silver screen. And her brother Nick, an ambitious Mafia capo determined to be the next underworld prince, promises to use the spoils of his new liquor deal to make it happen.

With her dream career in her reach, and friends like Al Capone and Johnny Torrio, Mia’s future has never looked brighter, and she turns a blind eye to Nick’s criminal activities and morally bankrupt ways…until it all catches up with them. Too late, Mia discovers ambition always comes with a price, and that price must be paid—in blood.

When her world implodes, there’s only one thing she cares about after the dust settles….

Book Review for Blood & Whiskey:

Suspense builds in this page-turning, atmospheric novel by Meredith Allison.  Strong plot, great characters and a gripping storyline make Blood & Whiskey: A Scalisi Family Novel a must read for mafia crime fans.

Miss Mia Scalisi – what a feisty broad!  This is her story, and no one’s going to forget her, not even the mafia bosses.  In a time when dames are considered fragile, and well not too bright, Mia decides to upset the apple-cart and reveal the depths that some women will go to – in the name of family.  A performer on stage, Mia sings and dances and has men clamoring for her.  Always there to protect her is her ‘stalwart of crime’ brother Nick, so close they’re more like twins than siblings.  Life is mostly good, better anyway than being orphans and in poverty which is their background.  Of Sicilian descent, they’re now Americans living the dream, almost.  When tragedy strikes Mia puts on the best performance of her life, hides her pain, and seeks revenge.

This book is a twenties gem.  Packed with loads of descriptions that bring the pages to life, and put you firmly in that time period.  Bootlegging, gang wars, ‘hits’ and mafia reign, this book doesn’t hold back, nor does it glorify the days of bloodshed.  It’s a time when family is held in higher esteem than morals and the law.  This story is honest, raw and extremely well written.  With looks and intelligence, and her brother’s voice a constant companion to her ear, Mia Scalisi must cross a line to become a woman taken seriously.  Each decision she makes takes her closer to becoming someone new, unrecognizable, and even feared.  They also move her closer to not knowing the woman in the mirror, and closer to the point of no return.

Meredith Allison brings to life the gangster filled roaring twenties; shining a light onto prohibition she weaves her story in-between real life well developed characters and unbelievably exciting events, making Blood & Whiskey: A Scalisi Family Novel thoroughly believable.  This is a superb mafia-thriller and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book review written by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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