Book Review for Magician’s Mayhem by Slate R. Raven

by Slate R. Raven
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Magician’s Mayhem by Slate R. Raven

Something Wicked this way comes! And it’s nothing that three friends would ever dream of having to encounter while enjoying a simple reunion at the lake one weekend. Seems the entire United States of America is in a state of panic due to a surge of brutal killings by a ruthless and psychotic serial killer disguised as an old-style magician. He leaves his mark and revels in the devastating way he leaves his victims. It won’t be long before The Magician strikes too close to home, slaughtering Bane Bloodworth’s family. He’s no one to mess with being a one-man tactical force. Bane’s got a reputation of being a tough ass biker. He’s after revenge and taking his long-time friend, Jessica with him. Jessica’s got some special talents of her own and together they set off on a fearless pursuit to find this crazed killer. Tension mounts as local law enforcement are powerless against this evil force. Here Bane and Jessica will be thrust into a forbidden zone where few would ever tread and stop at nothing to catch the killer. There’s no denying the chemistry between Bane and Jessica with working so close together. Danger lurks at every corner as Bane and Jessica’s lives are now at stake. A kick-ass battle ensues as mortal humans go up against something that is not of this world. This Paranormal thriller is a wild ride so fasten your seat belts, readers.

Book Review for Magician’s Mayhem:

Heinous murders executed by a cold-blooded serial killer mark the headlines of news across the US in Magician’s Mayhem by Slate R. Raven. This incredible novel is an original thrilling read filled with surprises, revelations and nail-biting edgy scenes.

Despite hours spent studying photos of crime scenes, Federal Agent Pamela Phillips remains perplexed by the serial killer’s ability. Without a pattern to follow, the criminal continues to hit different houses in different states at random. Meanwhile, best friends Bane and Jessica follow the news with horror. Like everyone else, Bane Bloodworth is sickened by the brutal attacks. An intelligent individual with spectacular skills in martial arts and other forms of fighting, Bane is fearless. Jessica, his wife Carrie, and others close to him view him as a protector. When the serial killer goes after members of Bane’s family, Bane follows his trail eager for revenge. The killer, however, seems always one step ahead of Bane and when they finally meet, Bane is dazed by what he finds out.

Slate R. Raven creates a powerful, psychotic antagonist in Magician’s Mayhem. The serial killer targets the most innocent and destroys anyone who dares to try and stop him. In addition, he possesses unearthly powers that shock even Bane. The characters are intriguing, interesting and well-developed. Though on the surface they appear as rivals, Bane and Jessica share a loving relationship that goes back to their high school days. Jessica is loyal while Bane is protective and skillful. Despite his tough exterior, he is kind-hearted. The action scenes in the book are unpredictable and thrilling. Deaths occur and the protagonists have to fight the killer with everything they have. The novel’s end is also surprising. It contains revelations and culminates into a powerful, absorbing scene.

Magician’s Mayhem by Slate R. Raven is a fast-paced thriller based on a puzzling mystery and which contains strong, determined characters, incredibly impressive narration and original plot. Book Review for Magician’s Mayhem read and written by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café.

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