Book Review for Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter by Bette Hepler

by Bette Hepler
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Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter: Inspired by True Events by Bette Hepler 

An accidental encounter with her father’s killer leads her down a dangerous road of revenge and murderous madness where the only outcome seems to be total destruction of her or the killer…or both.
A psychological drama that portrays the disruption of an idyllic, vital, beloved father-daughter relationship and how the contrasts of the wounds of loss, and development of a kind of justice, payback, and compassion unfold.
Readers will immediately identify with the main character’s struggle to come to grips with a loss so deep that she thought she would never find resolution.
A mix of truth and fiction plays out in the unpredictable way the minds of both perpetrator and victim react when caught in the warp of rage. At every turn, the tension mounts, the suspense is sustained until the blessed moment of truth descends to the relief of both character and reader. Energetic, lyrical, and figurative language keeps it fresh throughout as the greater story of challenge and deliverance are revealed. An authentic narrative voice informs the whole story so that the characters remain true to their natures.
The detailed and vivid sense of the protagonist’s family and her background and her marriage and the turmoil and grief she feels about her father’s death are moving.
The transformation that she experiences as she plunges into the depths of hysteria and actually finds a way to bond with the man she hates is riveting. Her inner-life proves the strength of character that-ultimately-is her salvation.
Scenes and cultural allusions comprise an unforgettable foray into the past, a time and place made visible with specific detail and description.

Book review for Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter: Inspired by True Events by Bette Hepler

Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter: Inspired by True Events by Bette Hepler is an emotional psychological drama about seeking revenge – but finding healing. This is an amazing book!! It is concise and the characters are few which makes it easy to read and allows each character to be extremely well-developed. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot of the story and the lessons it contains. Excellent read!!

In July 1984, Samuel Joseph Crouch loses his life in a horrific accident. Thirty years later, his daughter Alease still hopes to avenge her father’s death.  Like a cancer, the hatred she has for the careless driver who killed her father continues to spread in her. Alease’s childhood had been idyllic. Growing up in the 1950s in Washington, D.C., Alease was surrounded by a community of people who cared about each other. Her parents were amazing people who empowered their children. To Alease, her father was a symbol of love and stability. Now a psychotherapist, Alease is bent on getting the revenge she has longed for. When she comes face to face with her father’s killer, she cannot wait to destroy him. The murderer, however, has his own set of plans and is out on a revenge mission as well.

In Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter, Bette Hepler covers the thoughts of the main characters in detail. The anguish that Alease still feels is palpable. It is also clear that Leon Taylor, the antagonist in the novel, lives in a hell of his own that begins during his childhood. The relationship between Alease and her family, especially her relationship with her father, is well-developed. Alease remembers with nostalgia the powerful role he played, the memories they had as a family, and the wonderful influence he had on her life. The conflict in the book is also well-designed. Both Alease and Leon engage in dangerous schemes where each hopes to destroy the other. The plot culminates into a compelling end that brings the whole story together.  This book is a must read, 5 star  extraordinary psychological thriller!!

Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter: Inspired by True Events by Bette Hepler is an amazing novel that contains a fascinating storyline, important lessons, expressive narrative and incredible characters. Book Review for Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter written by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café.

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