Oil and Water by Lara Ann Dominick – Book Review

by Lara Ann Dominick
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Alt="oil and water"Oil and Water by Lara Ann Dominick 

Oil and Water is the story of two women, Elsie, a human, and Opal, a vampire, and their journey to save themselves and those they care about by learning about each other and coming to terms with their differences and weaknesses. Elsie is a human and an average struggling millennial, deeply in debt and living at home. Opal is one of the most powerful and vicious vampires in existence. When Elsie falls in love with Cy, she doesn’t know that he and his ex, Amber, are both vampires, and that Amber has targeted her as a victim in a revenge plot. Amber is Opal’s only friend and the one who turned her into a vampire. Together, they spent years hunting predators who took advantage of women in violent and monstrous ways. Despite her vigilantism, Amber has a cruel streak. Her rage will force Elsie and Opal to confront their weaknesses and find their strengths, or else lose everything they care about.


A spellbindingly scrumptious paranormal love story, Oil and Water by Lara Ann Dominick is slick, sophisticated and gritty.  A real Vampire masterpiece! Fully captivating from start to finish – I absolutely loved Oil and Water!

Normally, I like to start with the characters but… the plot – wow, I loved it!  The twist wasn’t obvious and when I saw it coming, I sighed with satisfaction.  Ancient vampires move in the shadows, mixing with humans but keeping their identity hidden, well most of the time!  The Vampire Council has set up rules which are broken upon peril of death.  Weaving their way through the council and breaking rules in secret are the deadliest of the ancient ones.  A story as ‘old as time’ that starts in the 1700s, flows through time and erupts in the modern day blurbs of Tampa, Florida.

Elsie, a lovely twenty-eight year old nursery assistant is enjoying her life when she accidentally bumps into a hunk wearing sunglasses at The Watering Hole.  Until this moment, she had been dreaming that her life would be anything but commonplace.  Cyrus – the hunk, is sweetly mysterious and oh so handsome and before you know it, Elsie is falling in love.  Elsie is a strong woman, who has her flaws but also knows right from wrong.  Straight away the reader is rooting for her as she comes face to face with unprecedented events.

Oil and Water by Lara Ann Dominick is a true Vampire-fan’s delight.  All the elements to a great paranormal are here, including Vampire hierarchy and new conversions.  But, there is much more to this story than sucking blood.  The incredible, compelling and astonishing story-line kept me fully engaged. While stellar well-developed characters bring the pages to life and make this a book you simply won’t be able to put down!

Lara Ann Dominick’s writing is smooth and easy-to-read.  Oil and Water by Lara Ann Dominick is hands down the best vampire story I’ve come across since ‘Interview with a Vampire’ and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor.

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