Caught by Dakota Issacs – Book Review

by Dakota Issacs
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Caught: A Dakota Issacs Quickie (Love In The Apple Book 2)

Why am I the only one in this room who see’s jury duty as an opportunity?
The woman behind me is actually crying, like jury duty is a fate worse than death or a really bad STD. Come on. She’s in a business suit and everything, suck it up girl.
It’s not even jury duty. It’s Grand jury duty. Maybe super-secret mafia trials or Mexican drug cartels. If we’re lucky we’ll get sequestered. The hotel will have the good movie channels and they’ll feed us Room Service so it’s a double win.
Worst case scenario its forty bucks a day which is forty more than I have right now.
Two hours later:
I feel like the crier was onto something. Grand Jury is not grand. Basically everything in Manhattan from robbery to assault goes to a Grand Jury and we are stuck here Monday through Friday for the next three weeks, from two to five every day. At least I get to sleep in.
We have a ‘Warden’ like we’re the ones in jail and he is a douche bag. We don’t get paid every day, I know because I asked Warren the Warden and he actually had the balls to laugh at me. When he gave us the big speech about everything we can’t do, he got to the part about no alcohol and locked eyes with me the entire time. Then he stuck us in this big room, made us watch a ridiculous video about the jury system in America, and after it was over, he just left us there for two hours. When we finally got a case, it was some asshole that beat up a seventy-nine-year-old woman. Not exciting, sad.
Three weeks later:
The whole criminal court system is a joke. We’re locked up in an ice cold room everyday just waiting. When I told Warren he needed to turn up the heat he suggested I might want to wear more seasonally appropriate clothing. And then he looked right at my chest. What the fuck? It’s my constitutional right to wear tank tops, Warren.
When there’s finally a case the prosecutor must read the law and then all the legal definitions: what is the legal definition of a dwelling, of a weapon, of property. Then they actually yell at you when you fall asleep. How you are not supposed to fall asleep? The legal process in this great land of ours is a joke, ladies and gentleman. Did you know that they don’t even arrest you the first time you shoplift at Braverman’s Department Store? You get sent away with a warning after you sign a piece of paper promising not to enter Braverman’s for two years. The guy who just got indicted went back the next day. Dude you couldn’t even wait a week? I expected the quality of New York City criminals to be higher. And don’t get me started on store security. How pussy whipped is that? Why wouldn’t you at least make someone sign a promise never to enter the store they stole from?
Wait a minute. I think I just had the best idea of my life.

You’re about to find out what happens when I get caught.


Pure escapism in this steamy, modern day romantic tale.  A perfect by-the-pool read for readers who love fun, sassy quick books.

I so enjoyed reading this, I knew it was going to be romantic and steamy but I didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be! I was laughing out loud!  Dakota Issacs has a fabulous story-telling ability; I couldn’t put it down (except to grab a quick cup of coffee) until I had finished.  Gwen is such a great character you can’t help but like her, despite her brief dip into grand larceny!  Her capers as a Nun just made me chuckle so much.  Issacs has written a short story, but in such a way that all the characters are wonderfully complete and ‘fleshed’ out.  Of course, we have the handsome hero Alexi, and the insta-love, but there’s a real story here too.  Touching on redemption, one of my favorite lines is: Mistakes don’t have to define you, it’s what comes next that’s important.  Besides the gentle theme of believing in yourself is a whole pile of fun.  I burst out laughing when I read: I can’t be sure but I think my nun is a hottie!  Really this is an all-round satisfying read.  A great little storyline, a touching message and hot romance, what more could you want?

Now I’ve read one of Dakota Issacs books I know I will be reaching for more.  Loved this lighthearted, feel-good, hot romance that had so much heart, as well as a pile of fun!  This is a great story – a total page-turner!  Caught by Dakota Issacs comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book Reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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