Book review for Pressing Matters by Bruce A. Fleming

by Bruce A. Fleming
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Pressing Matters by Bruce A. Fleming

Power, affluence, reign, the Nolans have it all. Blackmail, manipulation, and backstabbing, the Nolans do it all. Owners of the largest newspaper company on the east coast, centered in Milliken Mills, Maine, the Nolans fight the changing times and themselves. But how far will they go? At this year’s annual company bash, someone ends up dead.

Book review for Pressing Matters:

Pressing Matters by Bruce A. Fleming is an exciting whodunit that will keep you guessing to the last pages.  With compelling characters and an engrossing riveting plot, this is a top-notch murder mystery.

Several times as I was reading, I pictured Hercule Poirot twitching his mustache as he gathered all the suspects into the lounge to talk through the reasons why each person was there.  The setting of Pressing Matters is a world away from Agatha Christie’s cozy English manor houses though, and if you switch ‘newspapers’ for ‘oil’ and ‘Nolan’ for ‘Ewing’ you find yourself reading a book more comparable to Dallas. However, I found Pressing Matters to be much better than that with author Bruce A Fleming’s outstanding narrative, characters and plot that will captivate, intrigue and mesmerize readers!!

Nathan Nolan is a newspaper mogul; he’s a man who has worked his way up from poverty to the giddy heights of the elite rich in Maine.  Now he lords it over his empire, family, money and most importantly his publishing business.  What lengths will a man go to, to keep his legacy within his power?  What does he do when he’s disappointed in his wife and son?  And how will they react to the decisions he makes?  A whirlwind of hate has been built up around Nathan over the years, and the people with grudges and reasons to cheer his demise are large.  We learn about the folk who’d cheer his downfall.  There’s a list of them, including his son Thomas’s close friends.  The setting is one huge, press attending, eccentric party.  The cast of possible culprits is vast, and as they are moved into play a thunderstorm rolls overhead adding tension and atmosphere to the dynamics of this riveting saga and whodunit classic.     

Bruce A, Fleming keeps a steady pace throughout in this easy-to-read and entertaining murder mystery.  Pressing Matters is an engaging enjoyable book and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book review for Pressing Matters by Bruce A. Fleming read and written by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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