Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal by Robert Stern

by Robert Stern

Alt="socially distanced"Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal by Robert Stern

The Coronavirus Pandemic caused us to react to a changing environment. So many different issues for so many people from personal health to the health of loved ones. Loss of employment. Government restrictions. Caring for school aged children as schools closed. Impact on travel and vacations. Finding toilet paper. Politics and so much more.

The pandemic is affecting every family and every child in America today. That’s why Robert Stern has created a DIY journal in which children ages 10 and up can help themselves to cope with all of what that means.


The current pandemic crisis has had a negative effect on children, as well as adults, and these effects should be addressed within each family. What better way to deal with stress and complicated feelings than by reading and writing in a thoughtful, funny and compelling keepsake journal? Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal by Robert Stern is a wonderful journal for the entire family to enjoy. It will help everyone laugh and express their emotions, concerns and activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Journaling is recommended by mental health professionals as a way to release, cope and heal from stressful experiences. With delightful verse and rhyme, and nicely presented comical illustrations, this journal will appeal to children ages 10 and up. Teens and adults will enjoy this light-hearted, timely and significant guided journal while recording their feelings, fears, hardships and their personal experiences during such a difficult time in their lives. With meaningful questions and prompts, this journal gives each person a chance to write down their own personal thoughts. For younger children who may need help with writing, adults can use the journal to help their children process, explore and talk about their emotions, thoughts and fears, which is very important for their overall mental and emotional health. 

Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal by Robert Stern is a unique and much needed book for all families – and especially for children. Years from now, when this is all over, children and adults can look back to this memorable journal and remember how they felt, how they dealt with it personally and as a family. Silly verse and rhyme, winsome funny illustrations and thoughtful questions and prompts makes Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal a book that every family will thoroughly enjoy. I am certainly giving copies to many members of my family.

Kids Lit Book Cafe highly recommends Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal by Robert Stern. It is a useful and entertaining journal to bring smiles, laughter and the much needed help to deal with the emotional highs and lows we are experiencing during the pandemic and while we adjust to the “new normal”.

Purchase Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal by Robert Stern for your family and child today!
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Visit the Socially Distanced Journal website and learn more about this special book and journal and the author Robert Stern.

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