Slaves of Men and Gods by Jacqueline Smith

by Jacqueline Smith
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Alt="slaves of men and gods"Slaves of Men and Gods: Obroni Tales – Book One by Jacqueline Smith

A gripping tale of intrigue and ancient traditions in the 21st century. Tribes, Shrine Priests, Ancient Traditions and the
oldest Profession in the world.

Fifteen year old Krisi Bodan is brought to Ghana from Scotland by her doctor father after her parents separate.
While trying to cope with missing her mum and failing to forgive her dad; a new friend local head trader Gifty, needs her help. Then Krisi gets dangerously mired in much more than old Ghanaian practices.
A new country, a new culture and on discovering the scary activities of some of her new friends…new enemies of the criminal and not so criminal kind.


In Slaves of Men and Gods, Jacqueline Smith explores Ghanaian culture through the eyes of Krisi Bodan, a headstrong fifteen-year-old. Containing important themes, unique characters and a compelling storyline, I found this story to be an incredible, well-written and captivating read!!

News about their impending departure from Scotland to Ghana comes as a shock to Krisi. Despite her resistance, Krisi knows she cannot defy her father. An anxious Krisi and her father, Samuel, arrive in Accra. Her confusion rises as she watches throngs of people waiting for relatives at the airport. Krisi slowly settles down in school. Interested in her father’s research work which includes homeopathy, Krisi begins conversing more with Samuel but their relationship remains fairly distant. Their relationship is further strained by an unsettling fight at school, which leads to Krisi’s suspension. In addition, Krisi is determined to help Gifty, a young girl forced into prostitution and whose family is involved in the Trokosi system, an ancient form of shrine slavery.

Jacqueline Smith brings attention to a crucial issue regarding the mistreatment, abuse, and enslavement of young girls and women through the Trokosi system. The characters’ perspectives and the outcomes in the story show the difficult problems that hinder the elimination of the system. Though oblivious to the challenges involved, Krisi is courageous in her attempt to stop the heinous crime. Smith develops imperfect young protagonists who are willing to challenge oppressing norms and search for truth. The plot is captivating and sometimes, heart-breaking, which makes it unpredictable. The work also includes information about homeopathy which is informative. Ghanaian culture, cuisine, and African proverbs give the story its depth. The need for women’s empowerment is also explored through Gloria, a supporting character whose background story reveals the skepticism and scrutiny successful women commonly face.

Slaves of Men and Gods: Obroni Tales – Book One by Jacqueline Smith is a thrilling, arresting and enlightening novel. It weaves urgent themes into its compelling plot and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews & Promotion.

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