There’s No Place Like Home by Jane Bedard

by Jane Bedard
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There’s No Place Like Home: A Year in Transition from Working to Stay-At-Home Mom by Jane Bedard

When author and teacher Jane Bedard shifted from working mom to Stay-at-Home Mom, her eyes opened to a brand new world, so different from the one she returned home to each night. With her autopilot control turned off, she was surprised to find a vegetarian, a carnivore, a pescetarian, and two nuggetarians at her kitchen table. When did that happen, and what else awaited her?

Join Jane as she addresses daily dilemmas so many of us face, such as:

When is it a good idea to tell a stranger to stick a piece of garlic up her ass?

Why is Batmom better than Supermom?

If you unexpectedly find yourself in a Thai brothel for a massage, how much do you tip?

Is it irresponsible parenting if a game of catch accidentally lands your kids at the edge of the Grand Canyon?

How do you say goodbye to the people you love?

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME celebrates that most domestic and exotic of all professions: The Stay-at-Home Mom, yet embraces women from all vocations with poignant and hilarious commentary on motherhood & childhood, sisterhood & daughter-hood, wife-hood & friendship-hood… all from within Toronto’s hood and beyond….


There’s No Place Like Home by Jane Bedard is a totally captivating memoir.  Inspiring and entertaining, and full of laugh out loud moments.

I loved this book!  The laugh-out-loud moments are many.  I’ve got to share two of my favorites:  Jane’s just found out she’s hitting the menopause, her doctor hands her a card upon which she has just written…  When you feel out of control remember to read this.  ‘This is not me.  My husband is a good man.’  I can so relate!  The other one was when her husband (keep-a-list-aholic Peter) creates two new lists.  The first one is ‘ways for Jane to earn money’ the second one is ‘ways for Jane to save money.’  Well, by the time I got to this part I had to get tissues to wipe my eyes.  The whole book is packed full of little gems like these, which build in meaning the more you read.

Laughter aside there is thoughtfulness, and a serious message hidden under this light and very well-written memoir.  In a world that constantly runs with lightning pace, it is important to take a moment and remember you.  When did you last ponder upon the things that bring you happiness?  Joy is so infectious.  If you are happy, it rubs off on everyone around.  Are you content?  Fulfilled?  Jane decides to take a year out of being a working mom to be a stay-at-home mom.  This book is a wonderful compendium of feminine eccentricities.  Logging her year long journey into discovery and exploration, Jane shares details about her mom and sister, the inspiration behind the year’s adventure.  It was both moving and motivating.

Jane Bedard has a wonderfully engaging way of writing.  It’s a mini-autobiography that’s been written to inspire women everywhere.  Whether you’re considering taking some time out to be a stay-at-home mom or you simply enjoy great memoirs, this book is worth a read.  There’s No Place Like Home by Jane Bedard comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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There’s No Place Like Home: A Year in Transition from Working to Stay-At-Home Mom by Jane Bedard