Captured by the Viscount by Wareeze Woodson

by Wareeze Woodson
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Alt="captured by the viscount"Captured by the Viscount by Wareeze Woodson

Under cover of night and with the best of intentions, Lady Isabel Carlyle breaks into the viscount’s residence to restore his stolen property and retrieve her own. The viscount is out of town for at least a sennight, and she never once considers facing a pistol aimed directly at her heart.

The Viscount Matthew Paul Rutherford has need of a bride before the month’s end. Previously, he had selected two different damsels from the marriage mart–Almack’s. However, both ladies met with a fatal accident before the wedding. Now, presented with an unexpected solution to his problem in the form of the lovely thief, he gives her a choice, marriage or goal.

Book review: 

Captured by the Viscount by Wareeze Woodson brings alive the ‘swooning sigh’ of a traditional regency romance.  With a dashing yet arrogant Viscount, and an independent, damsel in distress we have a perfect book in which to escape and enjoy a romantic tale of yesteryear.

Twenty-one year old, Lady Isabel Carlyle is in a dilemma.  With their parents both dead, her half-brother, the dastardly Edgar, is squandering her dowry and stealing her jewels.  As a woman trained by her father to run the estate she refuses to sit back, be bullied and manipulated.  Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she sets out to steal back her jewelry and to find a new life.  Running from her brother delivers her straight into the path of Lord Matthew Rutherford.  When Matt catches Isabel breaking into his house, he immediately sees a way out of his current need to find a wife before the month ends.  Handsome, dashing and self-assured, he is also arrogant and stubborn.  But he is definitely a better choice than goal!

With a dashing Viscount and a beautiful damsel in distress this is an exemplary, but much improved and modernized version of a Barbara Cartland classic.  Especially, as Isabel and Matt start off not trusting or particularly liking each other, but slowly grow into a deeply loving relationship.  But there’s more… this is also a murder mystery, a satisfying who-dun-it in fact.  Ralf Henderson plays the perfect villain; you can almost hear the audience hiss as he takes center-stage.

Wareeze Woodson writing style is lovely and smooth, making this an easy-to-read novel.  Her characters are charming and interesting.  With an adorable romance and a bit of mystery this is delightful escapism, and an enjoyable read.  Captured by the Viscount by Wareeze Woodson comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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